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funny tumblr posts, funny tumblr, tumblr gems, tumblr thread, funny comments, memes, tumblr memes, funny, wholesome, clever reply, clever, witty reply, witty | weirdchristmas Follow quarantine nickname is feel right now last thing ate monkeywiki Follow limp biscuit | moral Rudolph Red nose reindeer is no one likes unless useful. rudolph red-nosed reindeer as capitalist propaganda: discuss rudolph already exactly as useful as other reindeer moral is deviation norm will be punished unless is

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Funny and clever roasts and comebacks | Isaac Haxton @ikepoker Woman front at airport security has bottle frozen water. They want take She says 's not liquid. No, no She's got point. | Natalie Shure @nataliesurely This must be looting everyone is talking about CNBCO @CNBC 6d American billionaires got $434 billion richer during pandemic 36qYKhm 6:25 AM 28 May 20 Twitter iPhone >

Masterful Comebacks That Deserve Our Praise

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Funny and cringey and cursed stuff people tried to sell on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace | Bag coke $10 small baggie filled with coca cola | Pandora type bespoke bracelet ideal lockdown pick up Missus PANDORA £500 ENGLAND Pandoraish bracelet

Weird & Funny Crap People Tried To Sell Online

It's gonna be a no from me, dog
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tumblr, funny tumblr, tumblr memes, tumblr gems, funny comments, witty reply, clever, memes, funny tumblr posts, memes | catchymemes people did not have clocks, they used "candle clocks Candles would burn set amount hours. If needed an alarm would push nail at desired time length candle and once melted point nail would fall and hit metal holder, alerting phantomtwitch like candle pictured has four nails Ye olde snooze button. | argumate Follow 1 Lets Meet Tonight Hey am USER_CITY wanna meet?

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username checks out, r/usernamechecksout, dad jokes, funny, memes, reddit, youtube, comments, thread, witty reply, clever

17 Funny Times The Username Checked Out

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funny tinder conversations | Eric 34 10 kilometres away Am cute? No. Do have great personality and sense humor make up Also no. 6'1 SHARE ERIC'S PROFILE SEE FRIEND THINKS REP ERIC X | Would like cheesy pickup line or an animal fact? Today 1:51 PM like know why even swiped right If had guess 's probably because type girl who fishes some type self worth so go on tinder get strangers compliments feed ego. Which caused swipe right order get compliment and attention so desperately need.

Tinder Memes & Moments That Deserve A Swipe Right

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Savage Comebacks And Insults | DAILYSQUAT.COM Man drugged and robbed by Cardi B says still better than listening her music | Words can't describe ugly are Words can't describe beautiful are Aww thx But numbers can 3/10 DESTRUCTION 100 skyrim skill

Spicy Comebacks And Insults That Hit Different

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funny memes, memes, funny signs, vandalism, funny vandalism, funny graffiti, funny, reddit, clever, funny pics | LOST GOLD RING Simple gold band with cutouts my family four generations If found please contact Nice Try, Sauron. | two guys covering part of the word sin to make a sign say HOMO SEX IS IN

20 Funny Signs & Clever Vandalisms

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comebacks | tweet by abby @abbypauline been 7 car accidents this year, y'all can't tell God doesr have plan senpai @jasminsenju Girl sound like he tryna kill u

Clever Comebacks That Deserve A Plaque For Their Spice

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ask reddit, funny, 2020, quarantine, pandemic, funny comments, clever, witty reply, covid-19, alcohol, funny threads, reddit thread | r/AskReddit u/ggfchl go up bartender and tell him Make 2020 drink does he make? snowballer918 6h 14 Awards Pours everything 's spilled on bar mat into shot glass.

People Imagine What 2020 Would Look Like As A Cocktail

No one in their right mind would order these cursed drinks
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Funny tweets, twitter memes, lol, relatable memes, humor, dating, tinder | Rebecca T. Kaplan @RebeccaTKaplan on tinder: Sorry can reschedule tonight know 's last minute but totally forgot l'm wildly depressed and have no interest at all meeting

36 Funny Tweets Filled With Relatable Humor

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Funny Tumblr posts | idiopathicsmile Follow Not sure explain but April quarantine content had distinctly different feel than August quarantine content silvermarmoset Follow april gonna do so many projects counting squirrels! banana bread! august: burn down government

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Funny moments from the Harry Potter books that weren't in the movies | My own brother, Aberforth prosecuted practising inappropriate charms on goat all over papers, but did Aberforth hide? No, he did not! He held his head high and went about his business as usual course not entirely sure he can read, so may not have been bravery Goblet Fire

Sassy Harry Potter Moments That Didn't Make It Into The Movies

Wingardium leviosa!
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funny meme using shot from chinese dating show, restoration, smooth, skyrim | When you said I was pretty you hesitated for a second Why? I paused for second appreciate your beauty. Restoration 100
Via u/snowchild3101
Funny random Tumblr memes | popokko Follow 's really august huh like 8 whole months have passed disgusting smallest-feeblest-boggart this post written 2018 but hits lot harder now

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