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Times Kids Used Words In Ways Both Completely Wrong And Infinitely Amusing

We can’t fault creativity.
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Kid Climbs The Shelves In Lowe’s, Inspires Witty Jokes From Twitter

Forbidden jungle gym
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15+ Misguided Notions From the Minds of Dumb Children

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Elementary Teacher Asks Kids To Make Confessions, Their Answers Do Not Disappoint

Spoiler: none of them have ever hidden a body.
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funny memes, funny tweets, parenting memes, parenting tweets, twitter, parents on twitter, parenting jokes, children, raising children | tweet by portmanteauface Parents need get better at teaching their kids swear words aren't actually bad they're just only appropriate certain contexts, this 9yo girl at grocery store just held up bag cauliflower rice and said FUCK IS THIS and she deserves fucking Oscar. warning sign Well, there's no circle thingy with slash through so guess 's okay.

20+ Parenting Memes for the Brave and Exhausted

We salute you.
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Funny stories from when kids were given the sex talk, how babies are made, etc, tweets, funny twitter memes

10+ Funny Tales From When Kids Were Given the Sex Talk

The birds and the bees.
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Funny mistakes, facepalm, fail

Funny Misconceptions From People of All Ages

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17 Tweets About The Unforgiving Memories Of Children

They remember EVERYTHING.
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Amusing Instances of Kids Being Impressively Dumb

Face, meet palm
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Video: The Pledge of Allegiance was a Scam to Sell American Flags

Of course.
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Funny kids drawings, funny parenting tweets, kid art, inventive spelling, spoiled kids, crazy kids | tweet by Aubrey Hirsch @aubreyhirsch Kid my son's class explained she sure he has two moms because he has pretty mom and other mom She described each some detail. Reader, both are. So my daughter ripped her jacket yesterday and I told her wasn't fixing Well this is lil note she left If MY Coat not Fix came home I'm gonna Step on Crack Finish rest

16 Times Dumb Kids Were Accidental Comedians

A least they're good for something.
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23 Relatable Parenting Memes For Exhausted Moms & Dads

The struggle is real
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Funny parenting texts | Just found this freezer Elsa from Frozen | Dang Eleanor not going let eat raisins nakey anymore if keep putting them butt s real thing said tonight. Lol

22 Texts From The Messy World Of Parenting

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Funny stories of kids being stupid, stupid kids, parenting, parenting tweets, childhood stupidity | always told people met Michael Jackson But now found picture, Maann wtf Who fuck this | Philip "Not Daddy" DeFranco @PhillyD Oh good. My son put my wireless headphones plastic container water keep them safe. good good good good good good good good good good great fine wonderful

23 Funny Instances Of Kids Being Dumb

At least we can laugh at them.
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Funny twitter thread about a kid who cons her parents, teachers, school so that she can get out of doing classes on Zoom, Jimmy Kimmel, lol, tweets

Crafty Kid Cons Adults To Get Out Of Schoolwork

This girl is going places.
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Wholesome stories of things people used to believe, askreddit

26 People Share Dumb & Wholesome Things They Used To Believe

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