Funny James Breakwell tweets.

33 Hilarious Gems From Twitter's Favorite Dad

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Video of kids explaining things they don't understand about being an adult

100 Kids Hilariously Describe What They Just Don't Understand About Adults

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kids explaining things

28 Naive And Hilarious Times Kids Explained Things Way Better Than Any Adult Could

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Very, Very Stupid Indeed

Tweet that reads, "It's interesting growing up and learning that most adults are not smart. I had my suspicions as a kid but I didn't think the situation was this dire"
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Funny tweets about childhood irrational fears.

16 People Share Their Most Irrational (And Hilarious) Childhood Fears

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Funny anti-vaxx meme
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Funny parenting tweets.

28 Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Are Just Too Real

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An Actual Nightmare

Funny meme comparing sextuplets to printer error.
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Times kids embarrassed their parents.

16 Embarrassed Parents Share Moments Their Kids Made Them Die Inside

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Funny parenting memes, kids, parents, mom, dad.

23 Parenting Memes For Everyone In The Struggle

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Well, Damn

Funny meme about no job you love, capitalism, communism.
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Funny parenting memes and tweets.

17 Funny Memes And Tweets From The Parenting World

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Funny tweets about moms.
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Reddit thread of anti-vaxxers sharing what made them change their mind, vaccinations, funny memes, vaccinating, autism.

13 Former Anti-Vaxxers Reveal Why They Stopped Drinking The Kool-Aid

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Funny marriage memes and tweets, pitch perfect.

23 Relatable Memes For You Poor, Poor Married Souls

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Funny live tweet about woman finding out about child.

Woman Live-Tweets Long-Term Girlfriend Discovering Boyfriend's Child And It's A Total Rollercoaster

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