Funny meme showing a guy eating a burger, depicting small children under age 3 eating small parts
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You Gotta Say It Fast

Funny meme where Usain Bolt is running in a race and represents "LMNOP," followed by other runners who represent "ABCDEFGHIJK"

Not My Leg!

Funny meme about how dads say they're gonna have to cut off your leg when you get a minor scrape, picture of a cat looking shocked
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Funny meme about liking chicken more than children.
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Wow, What A Clever Kid

Funny meme about parents who make up things their children say just for likes on social media
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Just Say No To Kids, People

Funny meme about a child who creeps up on his mom taking a shower early in the morning
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The Joys Of Parenting

Funny tweet that reads, "My son keeps grabbing fists of air and screaming 'mine.' My daughter is crying saying TJ is stealing my air...they are in my bedroom, on a Saturday morning"
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