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The Cringiest Parenting Texts of the Week (August 2, 2023)

Even Harvard isn't good enough
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20+ Lego Memes for Brilliant Builders and Construction Toy Connoisseurs

Who amongst us has never played with Legos before? It's a universal experience. Legos are the absolute king of children's toys. In fact, they're probably the dominant franchise for recent age groups. Various well-crafted Lego video games, a slew of movies, the toys themselves, and even television shows! Lego saw the potential for its brand and hit it out of the park. That's not to say that Legos don't appeal to every age group , it's just that they're a well-run company for this current generat…
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25 Funny Toddler Memes for Tenacious Parents Braving Their Way Through the Terrible Twos

Toddler parents are heroes
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People Discuss the Importance of Parents Supporting Kids as Adults

It's a lifelong commitment
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Entitled Relative Expects 9-Year-Old to Bake Dozens of Cupcakes for Party, Gets Mad When Parent Demands Payment for Labor

"There is no way in any universe I am going to let someone exploit my child like that"
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Insecure Dad Tries to Brush of Daughter's Stepfather as Her Nanny, Gets Put in His Place

Serves him right
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21 Quippy Dad Joke Memes for Pun-Loving Individuals

It doesn't take a dad to tell a good dad joke. Sure, any given father has a base selection of pun-laden dad jokes to employ as needed, but cheesy wordplay is for everyone! Even if it's groanworthy, who doesn't like a dad joke ? My father was chock full of weirdly complex dad jokes. Sure, I understood them as I grew up and gained a better understanding of language, but my six-year-old self had trouble comprehending a lot of the puns . At the time, it just seemed like my dad would just say outlan…
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People Debate Switching Seats so Families Can Sit Together on Airplanes

Nobody likes being on a long flight . Even if you're in the window or the aisle, it's not how most of us would like to spend our day. However, there are ways to improve your flying experience. If you're rich, that's buying first-class tickets. If you're not, it's checking in early and praying for the best. One of the best things about checking in early is that you can choose exactly where you sit. If you're flying alone, you don't get to pick exactly who you sit next to, which can be a real bum…
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25 Dad Memes for Strict Parents Rockin' New Balance Sneakers

Relatable dad memes for father figures who really nailed this whole parenting thing.
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25 Spongebob Memes for Bikini Bottom Denizens and Krusty Krab Enjoyers

SpongeBob SquarePants has run for over 20 years. You'd have to live under a rock to not understand the cultural gravitas of this iconic marine life series. That was a pun that referred to Patrick's living situation, but who in this world isn't hip to SpongeBob ? The show spans generations. People who grew up watching it could very well be raising children that are currently watching it. It's a phenomenon for a very good reason. While it's easy to disagree on the quality of later releases, the i…
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People Discuss Signs That Someone Wouldn't Be a Good Parent

I know without a hint of doubt that I never want to be a parent. I just don’t have it in me. I’m terrible with children. They annoy me, they’re sometimes gross, and they make huge messes. I don’t know how you’re supposed to talk to kids without patronizing them. The overall arrangement wouldn’t be good for me or the child. But that doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t become parents. There are so many responsible, incredible individuals out there who would make perfect parents. There are also th…
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'He doesn't want to start a life with someone who's broken': Redditor's Slam Woman's 'Dream Partner' When He Tries to Pressure Her Into Putting Her Daughter Up for Adoption

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Parents Share Amusing and Adorable Things Their Kids Have Said

They're kooky
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Twitter story about a cruel mother who "would rather die" than play with her children because it's "boring beyond acceptability"

Cold Mother 'Would Rather Die' Than Play With Her Children Because It's 'Boring Beyond Acceptability'

Playing with kids is not always the most fun activity for adults. Kids like to play out the same scenarios over and over and over again, and while it's stimulating for them, it's not always the most entertaining experience for the adults playing with them. Despite this, playing with your kids is incredibly important for their development. Playing with your kids or the kids in your life communicates to them that you care about them and their interests. Kids don't want to play forever. In fact, t…
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Parents Who Raised Jerks Weigh In on What They Would Have Done Differently

Lessons in what NOT to do as a parent
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Man Lies About His Wife Being Infertile, Asks Internet for Judgement

Usually, when people anonymously tell stories of their lives on the Internet they tend to smudge the details to paint themselves in a better light. But not this man. When he told the internet he had been spreading rumors that his wife was unable to have children , he told the truth and nothing but the truth. it takes courage to portray yourself as such a sincerely bad person. The story goes, this man and his wife had been trying for kids for a few years. Unfortunately, they weren't having luck.…
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