No one expected me to enter the cereal bowl eating contest, but not to worry, I have a few Trix up my sleeves.

Why Do You Put Tomatoes in Your Cereal?

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Cereal Disappointment

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Cereal Rage

breakfast moms parenting cereal - 7797821952
Created by OMFGGUY

A Little Slice of Heaven in London

food cereal - 8270504448

I Guess I'll Wait Until Lunch

breakfast milk lunch Okay cereal - 6947931648
Created by Viper-commander

I'd Love Some Cereal Right Now

best of week breakfast cereal cleaning dishes flow chart - 6256838912
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I'm Out of This Crummy House!

rage cereal - 8449944320

The Struggle for Truth That Every Copywriter Faces

in this economy work sad but true cereal web comics - 8425878272
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anita sarkeesian Video cereal - 66210305

Cereal Bowls Are Hotbeds of Misogyny!

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THIS is Quitting Your Job Like a Boss

cereal - 8364342528

My Brother Always Gets the Best Part

comics entertainment rage brother cereal - 8349622528

Breakfast of Champions

breakfast Oreos food cereal web comics - 8291482880
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Get It Together, Humanity

cereal Captain Picard - 8267468544

Cereal Milk is the Best

milk sweet jesus cereal - 8265305344
Created by Toms002

Fruity Cereal Epic

cereal expectations vs reality me gusta rainbow - 8263375616
Created by rockergurl666

It's Useless Now

breakfast marshmallows lucky charms funny cereal - 8256439552