No one expected me to enter the cereal bowl eating contest, but not to worry, I have a few Trix up my sleeves.

The Dinner of Champions

capri sun dinner food cereal - 8202446848

Darn Cats!

cute Cats funny cereal - 8188482304

The Lucky Charms Song Does Not Include What Most of Lucky Charms Are

cereal lucky charms - 8181184000
Created by tentoes2

That Moment When You Can't Find Anymore Marshmallows in Your Lucky Charms

cereal eating gifs sad but true - 8174768640
Via Google

This Cereal Needs to Make a Comeback

cereal food Pokémon - 8158487296
Via ColdnessAwaits

Cereal Drama

wtf boxes gifs tongues cereal - 8151928320
Via Brown Cardigan

Sorry Kid, This is Mine

cereal gifs kids parenting - 8143407360
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cereal cereal guy sweet jesus - 8136238336
Created by Oscaror

The Creepiest Cereal Box Ever

cinnamon toast crunch gifs cereal - 8119763456
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Oh God...

cereal - 8101395200
Created by stephenwood51

Impossible Cereal

cereal - 8097215488
Created by Sam58013

Thirty Second Meals

Challenge Accepted dinner cereal - 6532011008

Step 1: Find Hair Clip

cereal gifs Predator - 8030564096

Cereal Dust

cereal lucky charms rage - 8007595520
Created by death_by_rage

It's a Constant Struggle

cereal food milk Sad - 7974377472

Who Knew Trix Was Actually Magical

cereal trix - 7967691008
Created by fergieflo