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Few Address This

Caption that reads, "When the baby is less than a month old and parents do a photoshoot session" above images of a creepy-looking creature that vaguely resembles a baby
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Together They're Unstoppable

Caption that reads, "I can't unsee 'Captain Tiny Arm' and his baby sidekick 'Mega Hand'" above a photo of a guy holding a baby where it looks like he has a tiny hand, while the baby appears to have a huge hand
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I'm Expecting A Burrito

Text that reads, "I love the term 'we're expecting' when talking about pregnancy because it makes it sound like there's more than one outcome. Yeah, we're expecting a baby, but it could be a velociraptor" above an illustration of a velociraptor
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Don't Tell Me What To Do

Funny meme about grocery store, cheese, throwing american cheese at babies.
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Yeet 'Em Outta There

Caption that reads, "Me if my kids come out allergic to dogs" above an illustration of a woman throwing a baby away
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In Ya Go Squirt

Caption that reads, "Our friend came over to babysit last night. Ten minutes after we left he sent me this pic" above a pic of a guy about to put a baby in the oven
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Pic of a chalkboard with text that reads, "Quote of the day: don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it" above an illustration of a woman throwing a baby away
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It's Really Demanding Too

Tumblr post where someone asks how they can uninstall their period; someone replies, "I think if you download pregnancy it blocks it for a few months but then you get a really annoying loud pop-up that doesn't go away for 18 years"
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Parents Rise Up

Funny tweett about kids being toxic.
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So Rude

Pic of a short guy, who represents "Some baby in a shopping cart at the store" looking up at a tall woman, who represents, "Me, minding my own business"
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Good Logic There

Caption that reads, "My sister is about to have a baby and my brother showed up to the hospital in a suit because 'first impressions matter'" above a pic of a guy in a hospital waiting room wearing a suit
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