How Bout Neither

Funny tweet that reads, "Birth control be like well do u want depression or do u want a baby"
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Funny dank memes entitled 'Baby Yeet' depicting a woman throwing a baby like a basketball

Fifteen 'Baby Yeet' Memes For Those With Absolutely No Parental Instincts

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It All Makes Sense

Funny meme that reads, "This is what babies see when you wanna kiss them. That's why they cry" above a creepy close-up photo of a woman's face
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Please Don't Sit Next To Me

Funny meme that reads, "The look of horror on every passenger's face when children and infants start boarding the plane"
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Funny memes about kids and parenting

15 Memes For The Tired Parents Who Just Want A Damn Break From Everything

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Funny meme about the sims, do babies grow by themselves, interaction.
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26 Crappy Memes That Won't Make You Any Happier

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20 Tweets About Kids That Perfectly Sum Up The, Uh, Joys Of Raising Offspring

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Funny random memes, thanos, rats in the 14th century, kyle punching drywall, guy fieri, feelings.

28 Quality Memes To Quell Your Boredom

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Snapchat's New 'Baby Filter' Has People Goin' Gaga

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Why Is A Baby In A Movie Theater In The First Place

Caption that reads, "Nobody: ... Babies in movie theaters: ..." above a still of Shrek yelling
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Funny tweets from white people twitter, beer, craft beer, IPA, pumpkin spice latte, kids, lying about kids.

21 Sparkling Gems From White People Twitter

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Few Address This

Caption that reads, "When the baby is less than a month old and parents do a photoshoot session" above images of a creepy-looking creature that vaguely resembles a baby
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Together They're Unstoppable

Caption that reads, "I can't unsee 'Captain Tiny Arm' and his baby sidekick 'Mega Hand'" above a photo of a guy holding a baby where it looks like he has a tiny hand, while the baby appears to have a huge hand
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I'm Expecting A Burrito

Text that reads, "I love the term 'we're expecting' when talking about pregnancy because it makes it sound like there's more than one outcome. Yeah, we're expecting a baby, but it could be a velociraptor" above an illustration of a velociraptor
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28 Goofy Memes For When You're Bored Outta Your Mind

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