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Wholesome: Math Nerds Unite to Help Redditor Win Day off From Work

This is what Reddit is truly made for.
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Employee Quits & Takes Entire Department With Them After CEO Laughs at Criticism About Subpar Salary

What is it with companies that refuse to pay their workers an adequate salary and yet somehow still wonder why their employee turnover rate is absolute garbage? Surely it's not hard to understand that constantly rehiring and training new talent is a waste of time, money, and resources? When one redditor inquired about their company's subpar salary compared to competitors, the CEO literally laughed out loud and told their employees that if they find a better job, they'd better take it. Well that…
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Boss Demands Employee to 'Justify' Sick Time, Redditors Respond With Excellent Advice

In a civilized workplace, an employer trusts the word of their employee (you know, the one whose labor makes the company its profits?) when the employee calls in sick. It's that simple. In other, more toxic work environments, bosses have the tendency to interrogate their workers whenever they request a crumb of time off. It's almost as if upper management thinks that they can bully their employees out of being sick. When u/LargeThighMeat received an email from their boss requesting their reason…
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Shady Managers Steal Thousands of Dollars in Gift Cards From Employees

Absolutely disgraceful.
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Satisfying Times Total Jerks Were Taxed for Their Rudeness

There's no shortage of people who strut around like the whole universe revolves around them, and those people are mad annoying (especially if you work in the service industry). But it can be pretty hilarious when someone is entitled to their own detriment, or when choosing beggars get taxed extra for their rudeness. For example, when I used to bartend back in the day, I enjoyed being generous to customers for no reason. It felt good to improve some random stranger's day with a free drink or sma…
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A list of posts to a Reddit thread divulging the worst things their bosses have ever said to them.

Workers Share The Worst Things Terrible Bosses Have Ever Said To Them

Employment can be a real piece of work. Being the underling of your boss can go sour quickly. As anyone in the workforce knows, employers are often more than willing to take advantage of their employees because they think they can get away with it. Horrible bosses believe they can squeeze the life out of their workers and continue doing so because they don't think they will ever quit. Who among us hasn't had a boss who watches our every move, making you terrified of making one error to risk bei…
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Clever Engineer Teaches Shady Client a Lesson After They Refuse to Pay

Do you pay an engineer for pressing buttons or do you pay an engineer for knowing which buttons to press? Definitely the latter, and some people learn that the hard way, like the sleazy customer in u/AwkLemon 's epic r/ProRevenge story. They thought they could get away with tricking a professional problem-solver into doing a day of free labor . They thought wrong.
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Worker Quits After Receiving Insulting 'Prize' From Management

You've got to be kidding me
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Jerk Boss Fires Only Worker Who Can Operate Special Machine to Cover for Dude Who Keeps Breaking It

Do you ever think about all the infrastructure that holds society together and wonder what Big Industry looks like behind the scenes? Turns out every trade has its idiots who somehow got to run the show and hire their idiot friends and relatives to do dangerous and critical jobs. According to one redditor's lengthy (and captivating) tale of malicious compliance, the energy sector is no exception. I don't know who needs to hear this, but you probably shouldn't fire the only person who knows how…
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Entitled Boss Demands Employees Stay at Work During Unpaid Lunch Break

Employment is pretty simple. An employer is supposed to compensate a worker for their time. When said worker is off the clock, they can do whatever the hell they want with their time. You either pay someone for their time or you dismiss them from their duties. Demanding that people stay at work while they're off the clock? Not to get all hyperbolic, but that lowkey sounds like slavery to me.
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Reddit thread about a geriatric Karen who insults her young female coworker to no end

Geriatric Karen Bullies Young Female Employee For Her Looks

Mean girls never grow up
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Careless Boss Ruins Secret Santa Game After Forgetting to Buy Gift for Employee

'I was the only one who didn't receive a gift.'
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Company's New Owners Cut Benefits, So Employee Exploits Loophole to Screw Over Bosses

Moral of the story: don't mess with PTO
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Shady Boss Tries to Get Away With Wage Theft, Employee Hits Him With Perfect Response

Some bosses seem to really go out of their way to be complete a-holes. What's the point of cheating an already underpaid employee out of £20? At that point it's not just about money—it's about exploiting your position of power to take advantage of people just because you can, and that's pretty twisted. One redditor recently shared a text exchange between a restaurant owner and his new employee , who had initially messaged him inquiring about missing wages. Keep scrolling to see how the infuriat…
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Frustrated People Explain How Being Poor is Actually Really Expensive

Being broke is expensive
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Inspiring Times Workers Stood Up to Their Horrible Bosses

When fed-up employees stick it to the man
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