Yeah That's Way Too Far

Funny tweet that reads, "I save tons of money shopping online because I'm lazy to go get my credit card from the other room"
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Poor Jeff

Caption that reads, "Jeff Bezos sitting in divorce court" above a pic of a guy wearing a crown clutching a bunch of money looking afraid
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Last Minute Is An Understatement

Funny meme about ordering last minute gifts from amazon.
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Asking The Important Questions

Advertisement for a weird Amazon product called the AirZooka that shoots air at people; someone asks, "Can you fart into it and blow it into someone's face from across the room?"
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Needs To Do Better

Fake review of the sun, where the reviewer says that it's too damn bright, and gives it two out of five stars
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We Know What You Did Last Night

Funny weekend meme about getting drunk and wearing an amazon box, tequila.
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Alexa, spielen Das Pacito

Picture of an old book written by Karl Marx called 'Das Pacito'
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