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You're Not Wrong...

amazon answers image You're Not Wrong...
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These Exceptional Amazon Reviews For The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer Will Make Your Day

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You Either Get It, or You Shouldn't Play the Game

reviews amazon shoppers beware cards against humanity - 8760606464
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Hopefully It Doesn't Jam Up the Works

amazon wtf review lube - 8759288832
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Removed Hair and Dignity Easily

funny fail image veet hair removal amazon review
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Five Stars and Then Some

nail biting deterrent butt licking
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Amazon Announces "Lumberyard," a Free, Cross-Platform, 3D Game Engine

amazon announces game dev tools lumberyard
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17 Amazon Reviews That Will Make You Wary of Online Shopping

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Troll Level $1000

amazon blank book - 8602823936
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Leaving a Negative Customer Service Review Left One Amazon Customer With a Giant Dong

man finds dildo in shopping cart after negative review on amazon
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An Amazon Package Trapped This Person in Their House, and Amazon Responded With a Terrible Pun

amazon package boxed in sassy twitter response
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72 Parenting Failure Opportunities

funny amazon review chinese finger traps
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Works Out Great Until You're the One Getting Stabbed

funny amazon review noise canceling headphone stabbing
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This Amazon Review is an Argument for Birth Control

amazon review about light projector
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$5,000 Well Spent

funny amazon reviews expensive video card
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