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Caption that reads, "The pre-Thanksgiving talk" above a pic of a German shepherd giving his son a pep-talk, saying, "Look, when the family comes over for Thanksgiving, it's literally going to be raining food. People drop things, peas roll off plates, gravy drips, things happen. So stay alert!
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Funny video about grandmas trying turkey alternatives.

These Grandmas Tried Turkey Alternatives And Their Reactions Were Priceless

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Funny video from College Humor imagining if hand turkeys were an actual Thanksgiving food.

This Hilarious Video Imagines A World Where Hand Turkeys Are An Actual Thanksgiving Delicacy

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cooking thanksgiving parody Turkey Video - 83753729

How to Make the Perfect Turkey Sandwich From You Suck at Cooking

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murder thanksgiving parody college humor Turkey family Video - 83776513

Imagine the Horror of Having POTUS Pardon the Murderous Turkey That Killed Your Family

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Don't Forget to Flip the Bird

Turkey texting dating - 8974162944
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donald trump Turkey - 8966469632
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Is it just me that failed coup against Erdogan and using the coup to gain power in Turkey reminds you the Palatine's plot in Star Wars: Episode 3?

star wars Turkey - 8821683712
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The future of Turkey

Turkey - 8821670144
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This Turkey keeps bugging me.

Turkey - 8821505024
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You know it's bad when the president addresses the nation like this

Turkey - 8821401344
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Guess What's for Dinner

IRL Turkey sms - 8758836224
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In Turkey, a Gollum Meme Could Land You In Jail

lord of the rings meme may send turkish man to jail
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Maybe This Year We Should Go With Tofurkey?

web comics thanksgiving Maybe This Year We Should Go With Tofurkey?
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Well Maybe He'll Be Thankful for the Cereal?

web comics turkey thanksgiving Well Maybe He'll Be Thankful for the Cereal?
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thanksgiving Turkey Video - 76155649

Turkeys, Like the Rest of America, Have Gotten Huge Since the 1940s

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