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WWE of the Day: The Undertaker, Professional Wrestler, Shows Us How to Prepare a Turkey by Performing His Signature Move, the Tombstone

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Looks Like Suppertime!

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Created by rotide462

How Daylight Savings Time Works

daylight savings wtf Turkey web comics - 8457344768
Created by whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse ( Via Biter Comics )

Help Me, John Madden!

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The Oscar Mayer "Hot Durkey" Signals the End of Thanksgiving as We Know It

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We Caught Ourselves a Big One!

thanksgiving Turkey hunting - 8377885952
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In Your Face, Turkey

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Grand Turkey Auto

gifs wasted Turkey Grand Theft Auto - 8276122880
Created by maorows

I Don't Think That's How Vegetarianism Works...

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Unicyclists and Turkeys: It's a Rivalry as Old as Time

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Turkey ice cream monday thru friday g rated - 57254913

This is the Best Ice Cream Vendor You'll Ever See

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Mr. Bean Stuck in a Turkey Totally Looks Like A Dalek-Human From Dr Who

doctor who mr-bean totally looks like Turkey - 7929257472
Created by tygrrcub

Not in the Mood Anymore

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Is That a Flavor-Sweater for Turkey?

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Roman Atwood's Thanksgiving Turkey Was the Bomb!

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