Odds Are He Should Watch Out

bride hunting funny Turkey wtf - 7925931264
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The Turkey Song

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I'd Rather Eat the Turkey

wtf thanksgiving donkey Turkey funny - 7924146944
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Eat ALL the Turkey and Then Get Sleepy

Turkey thanksgiving - 7907937536
Created by LuisaC

A Dish Best Served After Baking it in the Oven All Day

funny Turkey revenge zombie thanksgiving - 7925904640
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I Think I'll Just Have Stuffing

thanksgiving fight Turkey stuffing food funny - 7924144640
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Turkey Video thanksgiving twerking - 56466689

Welcome to Twerksgiving

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thanksgiving puppies Turkey - 56480001

Puppies Get Sleepy Just Looking at Turkey!

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Batman, Is That You?

mother of god not bad Turkey batman - 6535134976
Created by bosscock

Cake: The Other White Meat

cake thanksgiving Turkey meat - 7865373696
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A Very Important GIF

gifs swinging Turkey miley cyrus wrecking ball funny - 7796183808
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Photobomb Level: Turkey

photobomb Turkey deer funny - 7777160704
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Turkey Time!

sweet jesus herpderp bowling Turkey - 7649584128
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One Buff Turkey

buff arms Turkey - 6958298624
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Turkey Cake

cake gross Turkey food - 6952346112
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For Me?

SOON Turkey food dogs - 6921891072
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