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Technically Correct Examples of Funny Logic

Clever answers that are hard to argue with
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Student Turns Off Zoom Camera To Breastfeed, Gets Revenge When Professor Berates Her

What did he expect?
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Funny failures, premature celebration, facepalm, didn't age well | Get party shoes on 2020 is going be great! 2020 Leap Year VALENTINES DAY IS FRIDAY CINCO DE MAYO IS ON TACO TUESDAY 4TH JULY IS SATURDAY HALLOWEEN IS SATURDAY CHRISTMAS IS FRIDAY NEW YEARS STARTS WITH 3-DAY WEEKEND | recently brought my attention if order on Door Dash then after go help" and say entire order missing, they'll give refund door dash credit Thank Jaden and Angie feeding my fatass twice today price one <3

Amusing Instances Of Premature Celebration

Better luck next time.
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Stubborn Dude Makes Hobby Out of Refusing to Pay Account Closure Fee

When faced with annoying hidden fees lurking in the “terms of service” section of every account contract, most people will just begrudgingly pay the damn $50 and move on with their lives. But a small percentage of impressively spiteful people refuse to let them win. u/fredsam25 is just one example of the sort of person who will go well out of their way just to stick it to the man , even if it takes several years.
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Funny, weird, Cultural customs, Sweden, Swedish people don't feed their guests

Viral Tweets About Inhospitable Europeans Inspire Mayhem and Memes

Every culture has it's own “thing” where food is concerned. Just as food varies from region to region, so does the etiquette surrounding both eating grub and serving it to guests. For example, in China it's considered rude to finish all of your food because it implies that the host didn't serve you enough. In Japan, the slurping our elders chided us for is perfectly normal, and even encouraged - the noisy practice actually helps to cool down hot noodle soups. Guest-related etiquette is a little…
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Couple's Game Gets Weird When Husband Pressures Blindfolded Spouse to Sign 'Papers'

Every couple has their mundane problems, but what does it say about your relationship when you start to suspect your partner of conspiring against you? Either some underlying trust issues have always been lurking just under the surface of your otherwise healthy relationship, or maybe you really have been living with a duplicitous psychopath all along. Redditor u/ThrowRAissuesRA turned to Reddit for advice after a series of seemingly harmless games with their husband took an unsettling turn.
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Relatable Posts That Explain the Collective Rage of the Underpaid & Overworked

Boomers of the mainstream media love to accuse millennials of being lazy, spoiled brats who love quitting jobs and spending all their money on Netflix and avocado toast. Boomers always told us that if we worked hard enough, a prosperous and comfortable life was more than possible—it was a promise. Well, turns out that was total bullshit. It's plain to see why, all you have to do is compare inflation and the growth in median rents to the growth in median income over time. In today's economy, "wo…
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Absolute Legend Explains How They Automated Their Own Job

What if you could get paid to do nothing?
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ask reddit, reddit, funny comments, jobs, careers, funny stories, job application, job memes, work, work sucks, bosses, red flag | Space2345 5d they ask out no where clients can bring with Reply 6.3k stupidlyugly 5d interviewed with MetLife insurance about twenty years ago. They demanded provide them with contact list no fewer than hundred friends and family. Noped out quickly. 4.4k WineAndDogs2020 5d Sure wasn't an interview with an MLM? | once told Sometimes hourly workers go on strike and

Blaring & Subtle Red Flags People Noticed During Job Interviews

These people really dodged a bullet
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Employee Is Told They Can’t Quit On a Friday, Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands

Leaving in style
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Worker Gets Slammed For Saving On Expenses, Decides To Live It Up On The Company Dime

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Employee Maliciously Complies with Boss' Absurd Productivity Expectations

Many working from home have clever methods to keep them from appearing 'idle'
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Bad and horrible annoying boss becomes angry when employee takes vacation and goes off the grid, work, office, family

Unreasonable Boss Loses It When Vacationing Employee Is Unreachable

Vacation time is precious. Every day that most of us salaried workers toil equals a percentage of a day of freedom. That freedom can be enjoyed in many different ways: a little staycation with your partner, ordering fancy takeout and sleeping in. Or perhaps a beach getaway, sleeping and drinking on the sand, letting the salt water rejuvenate ones body. Whatever the flavor of vacation, there is one important and universal truth for that time: You do not have to work. Most of the time we are acti…
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malicious compliance, retail hell, service industry, food, deli clerk, work, anti work, jobs, karen, manager, horrible bosses, reddit thread

Boss Freaks at Deli Worker for Not Serving Karen Just Before Closing, Employees Maliciously Comply

This humble redditor's tale of retail hell has it all—the entitled Karen who makes demands minutes before closing and leaves a nasty review when she doesn't get her way. The unreasonable boss who expects the employee to do the work of ten people but chews them out if they log even 15 minutes of overtime. And the triumphant workers who show their boss the meaning of malicious compliance .
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Mortified Dad Accidentally Gets 4 Year Old Drunk At The Movie Theater

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Tenants Get Satisfying Revenge On Landlord Trying To Unfairly Evict Them

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