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A Reddit story about a male Karen boomer father-in-law getting angry at his son-in-law for tipping at a resturant

Male Karen Blows Up at Son-In Law For Tipping at a Restaurant

Anyone who has worked as a waiter knows that people who don't tip are the worst. In the United States, many waiters only get paid $2 hourly and, therefore, only survive on tips. Some restaurants don't even pay their servers an hourly wage. This is basically common knowledge at this point, so for most people, not tipping is simply out of the question. But there are always those people who get angry for the insistence that they tip. I find that these come from two camps. The first camp is Boomers…
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People Discuss the 'Conspiracy Theories' They Actually Believe

There are some pretty bonkers conspiracy theories out there that are only convincing if you're stoned enough, but unless you're living in blissful ignorance, there are probably more than a few things you're a little skeptical about. In a recent r/AskReddit thread about plausible conspiracy theories, incredulous people discuss all the things they're particularly suspicious about, like dollar slice places in New York (are they a money laundering front?) and memes about movies and TV shows (are the
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Woman’s Brother-In-Law Attorney Decides to Represent Her Ex-husband in Divorce, Advises Her to 'Stay Married'

I think it's safe to assume that offering legal representation to a member of your family who is divorcing another member of your family is a pretty obvious conflict of interest. That didn't stop u/redpanda891 's brother-in-law, who thought it would be just fine to take her ex-husband as a client. Not only that, but he had the nerve to advise her to stay married to avoid “losing a lot” in the divorce.
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Boss Ignores Subcontractor's Advice for Improving Efficiency, Ends Up Paying Workers $900 Per Hour for Years

Having a stupid boss usually means your work life is going to be much harder than it should be. But in one redditors case, having an incompetent boss really paid off. $900 per hour to be exact.
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Clever Worker Quits and Gets Rehired to Qualify for Higher Wage

Now that's malicious compliance.
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Math Nerds Unite to Help Redditor Win Day off From Work

This is what Reddit is truly made for.
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Weary Cashier Speaks Out Against Elderly Customers for Trauma Dumping on Workers

Reel it in
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People reminisce about things that were normal in the 1990s, internet, dial-up, funny, nostalgia, 1980s

People Get Nostalgic About Things That Were Normal in the '90s But Are Now Obsolete

As a millennial born in the late 1980's, I had the pleasure of witnessing some major cultural shifts, the most prominent being the advent of the Internet. While my early childhood was internet-free, as I got older I was introduced to both the wonders and horrors of the world wide web. And at first, I had to use dial-up internet to enjoy them. The haunting sound of dial-up internet booting up (and the anticipation that came with it) is just one of the many joys kids these days will never underst…
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A collection of stories of family secrets from r/askreddit

People Share Family Secrets They're Not Supposed to Know

Family secrets can range from being horribly painful to being the juiciest gossip ever concocted . I definitely don't want anyone to have to deal with the trauma of finding out their father has a secret family or their aunt committed vehicular manslaughter in 1992. However, these stories are interesting for a reason. We don't tend to advertise our family's most heinous classified deeds. There's a sense of relief when you learn the family secrets because it can explain many things that were prev…
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Employee Exposes Shady Boss Who Cheated Workers Out of Years of Benefits

If you haven't noticed, there's an epidemic of horrible bosses scamming their employees out of benefits, wages, and precious time. It's almost as if the managerial class as a whole is incentivized to rip off the working class as much as possible. How else is your boss supposed to become filthy rich? That money has to come from somewhere. Redditor u/ClubWag recently shared their infuriating tale of working for a lying, gaslighting boss who broke promises and cheated employees out of official pol…
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TikTokers bring back the glitter conspiracy and sparks new theories

The 'Great Glitter Conspiracy' explained: A 2018 article makes rounds once again on the Internet and sparks new theories, this time with obsessed TikTokers

Will #GlitterTok be the one to finally discover the deep dark secret of glitter and where it's being used the most?
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A Reddit story about a native russian speaker who gets rejected from a job for being "insufficient" in the language.

Russian Interviewee Gets Told Their Russian is "Insufficient" by Job Interviewer Who Couldn't Speak the Language

As someone who took at least five linguistics classes in college, you might call me a language expert. And as such, it's my duty to share a few undeniable truths about language learning that many people do not know. Did you know that if you're a native speaker of a language, congratulations, you are an expert in that language? It doesn't matter if you can't explain the exact reason for conjugations or word order. If you've spoken a language since birth, you will automatically know when somethin…
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New Management Tells Workers to Quit if They Don’t Like the New Rules, Everyone Quits

There's no shortage of stories about incompetent managers driving their skilled staff away with terrible ideas about how they should be doing their jobs, and this post recently shared on r/MaliciousCompliance is a perfect example. For those who want the TL;DR: basically, OP worked at a sales job where they had a fantastic manager who treated his staff like human beings and gave them the freedom to do their jobs in whatever way worked best for them. As long as everyone was hitting their targets,…
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employee, work, customer service, rude people, rude, prank, reddit

Store Employee Wins Praise for Shirking Responsibility With Annoying Customers

You get what you give
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A reddit post about a teenage son whose parents are obsessed with his younger sister and make his birthday about her.

Cruel Parents Make Sons Birthday Party All About Their Golden Child Daughter

Favoritism is an issue a lot of kids deal with. I can't imagine how horrible it feels to feel like your parents care about one of your siblings more than you. For many of us, we can see areas where our parents might treat our siblings differently than they treated us, but outright favoritism is more rare and so much worse than passing inequities. The phenomenon can border on neglect when parents put the needs of one golden child over the black sheep child. This treatment causes resentment betwe…
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Lying liars getting called out

Satisfying Times People Were Called Out For Their Blatant Lies

Despite our negative outlook and potent pessimism, there are actually things that we enjoy in this world. There's raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens. We're into bright copper kettles and warm, woolen mittens. We can really get behind brown paper packages tied up with string. But most of all, we love watching lying pieces of sh!t get called out for their bullshit. We love it when it happens to scummy lowlifes trying to trash local businesses (it's usually the owner of a competitor) as m…
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