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funny memes about wednesdays

Wednesday Memes For When It Is Wednesday, My Dudes

In case you guys were unaware, today is Wednesday, my dudes. Which calls for a big old batch of memes about Wednesday, my dudes. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, we're referencing a near-ancient meme that became popular on Reddit, but originated on Tumblr. The meme features a Budgett's frog and the text “It is Wednesday my dudes.” My introduction to the meme came from the r/me_irl subreddit. On most days of the week, the subreddit was a hub of painfully relatable, self-deprecating memes.…
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A story about a Boomer getting yelled at for telling a young job hunter that young people are too lazy to get jobs

Rude Boomer Accuses Young Job Hunter of Laziness, Gets Yelled At In Public

Anyone who has applied for a job in the past couple of years knows it's a very tricky process. So much goes into job hunting, and it's not as simple as being the most qualified person for a position. Job interviews sometimes feel like they're taking place in an alternate reality; how you articulate yourself must be carefully curated to make you sound like a good worker. It's unnatural, but it's a bare necessity if you're going to get a job. With remote work becoming far more common, competition…
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Clever Cuss-Free Insults From the Poets of Reddit

A good insult is a beautiful thing, and anyone who has spent some time on Reddit knows that many patrons of the infamous website understand the art of the roast. One user recently asked the people of Reddit to share their favorite cuss word-free insults, and boy did r/AskReddit deliver. We've put together a collection of some of our favorite rude remarks from the entertaining thread.
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Article about reddit post about applicant for job getting denied because they failed a personality test

Company Bans Job Hunters From Reapplying For 12-Months After Failing "Personality Test"

When I was applying for jobs, I was a bit skeptical of any job that asked me to take a personality test before the interview. I understand wanting to hire somebody with good vibes, but isn't that what multiple rounds of interviews are for? You would think companies might do such a test to understand someone's temperament and working style to ensure they're right for this position. That, unfortunately, is not usually the purpose. Although it's quite a shady practice, many jobs that use “personal…
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work, job, coworkers, coworker, hr, bullying, insult, reddit, aita

Insufferable 'Boss' Put In His Place For Belittling Junior Coworker

So patronizing
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People discuss the jobs they think are the most useless jobs in the world

People Discuss The Most Useless Jobs In Existence

It is normal to ask yourself occasionally, “does my job contribute anything substantive to society?” When I worked as a security guard at my college's library, I would have to watch unattended items on the security camera to make sure they weren't stolen. After almost a year of working at these libraries and countless hours watching footage of unattended laptops sitting on a table, I never saw an item get stolen. Never! Not once! My watching it had no positive impact whatsoever. That really mad…
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A story about a Karen who wanted her son to give her his bosses number so she could check up on him at work.

Invasive Karen "Needs" Her Son's Bosses Number So She Can Check Up On Him At Work

It's hard to let the baby bird leave the nest. Many parents struggle to balance being involved in their kids' lives and being overly involved. I understand the struggle! At one point, you had to work day in and day out to ensure this young human survived. Flash forward a few years, and they seem like they don't need you anymore. This transition can be challenging for parents, but it's of the utmost importance that parents give kids, especially their adult kids, space to function without them. T…
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customer service malicious compliance revenge reddit thread Reddit customer support retail customers - 17633285

Malicious Compliance: Receptionist Refuses to Help Patient in Person, So They Opt to Phone Her Instead

When this patient walked up to the receptionist to try and make an appointment they were told that appointments could be made over the phone only, so they whipped out their phone and called the doctor's office right in front of the receptionist. Bureaucracies are an inertant force and dealing with them can be like dredging sludge off the ocean floor. Their entire existence serves to slow penetration and discourage inquiries from advancing any further than they need to. In favor of the reception…
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cursed, weird, reddit, omg, cursedcomments, dark humor, comments

Appalling Comments That Remind Us That The Internet May Have Been A Mistake

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boss antiwork jobs interviews Horrible Bosses reddit thread Reddit job interview interview - 17644805

Thread: Recruiter Wants to "Negotiate" Lower Salary, Actually Wants to Trick Candidate Into Taking Lower Pay

This job candidate was asked by the recruiter if they would negotiate a lower paid rate, which turned out to just be a way of trying to get them to take the original offer. The recruiter's actions have drawn the ire of the internet after photos of the exchange were posted online. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/antiwork subreddit by Reddit user u/Jbeez4117 who shared the thread, which featured screenshots of the exchange, to the popular sub. They posted the thread with the title “That soun…
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Restaurant Employees Share the Most Spectacular Fails From Fresh Hires

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controlling, family drama, family, relationships, mother in law, pregnant, aita, am i the asshole, reddit, reddit thread

Power-Tripping Mom Trashes Pregnant Daughter-In-Law's Special Dinner, Gets Put In Her Place

If you've ever scrolled through subreddits like r/AmITheAsshole, you might have noticed that there are way too many examples of spouses choosing their controlling parents ' needs over their partner's . But once in a while you come across a refreshing instance of someone standing by their significant other, even in the face of an entitled in-law from hell. When u/dadof2throwWay 's mother decided to throw away his pregnant wife's rotisserie chicken (that she'd been craving for days), he wasn't ab…
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aita bride marriage vegans crazy groom wedding family vegan reddit thread Reddit - 17649669

Updated: Meat-Loving Groom Secretly Cancels Vegan Meals, Bride Cancels Wedding and Leaves Him

This bride discovered that her fiancé had gone behind her back and canceled the vegan meals that she had ordered. This put the couple in a dicey situation and ultimately would lead to the bride calling the marriage off completely.
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money, relationship, boyfriend, revenge, malicious compliance, reddit

Woman Turns the Tables on Boyfriend's Freeloading After He Freaks Out Over the Cost of Two Beers

What a bum
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aita neighbors drama kids neighborhood parenting lawsuit Reddit parents neighbor - 16298757

Insane Neighbor Insists Homeowner Pays Their Child's Medical Bills After Their Child Hurts Themselves in Homeowner's Driveway

Maybe have some responsibility for your own children?
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Emboldened Choosing Beggars Who Have Got A Lotta Nerve

'Exposure' doesn't pay the bills.
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