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Karma Is A B*tch: The Chinese Makeover Meme That's Taking Over The Internet

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Collection of funny Photoshop memes - game of thrones characters as chinese street vendors.

WTF: All Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters As Chinese Street Vendors

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Puberty Is Arriving Earlier And Earlier

Funny meme about a chinese baby doll that you call "shave the baby."
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Collection of funny memes about history, China, wars, India, Soviet Union, politics, WWII, WWI, british empire, mongolia, communism.

Knowledge is Power: 23 Super Clever History Memes

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Collection of funny news headline fails, dealing with God, murder, death, costumes, weed, boats, China, Alicia Keys, CNN, fried chicken.

21 Funny and WTF News Headlines

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Funny meme about a news story in which a stray dog kicked by a driver gets revenge with other dogs and trashes the driver's car.
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bride China McDonald's troll wedding - 1341701

Fast Food, Fast Life: Groomsmen Troll Bride and Dress Up as McDonald's Food for an Absurd Wedding Procession

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trailers China movies x men superheroes weird - 249607

Watch the Ridiculous Trailer for the 'Chinese X-Men' Movie

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Cyber Wars

wtf China construction driving Video - 79585025

It Would Make More Sense if These Fighting Bulldozers Were Actually Transformers

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Woman Literally Offers up Incense Whilst Kneeling Before Galen the Plated Wanderer Statue


People Flock From Far and Wide to Taste the Won Kok

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europe Canada thanksgiving China holidays - 131333

This is What Thanksgiving Around the World Looks Like

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WTF of The Day: Chinese Man Marries Sex Doll Because He Has Terminal Cancer

WTF of The Day: Chinese Man Marries Sex Doll Because He Has Terminal Cancer
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Traffic Jam in China

yikes wtf gifs China cars - 8573347072

What's Your Excuse?

China iphone - 8570355712
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