At Least It Wasn't China

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Shanghai is Pretty Big, Fam

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And Rising

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At Least It Wasn't China

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Oh Oklahoma, You So Silly

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You Can't Be Surprised

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Antidepressant of the Day: China Covers Up Dead Plants With Pictures of Plants to Cheer People Up

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Spotted in Beijing

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China's Getting a Different Kind of Guardians

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Obama Laid Down the Lumber on Russia and China During His '60 Minutes' Interview This Past Sunday

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Just Uncalled For

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A Freedom-Loving Patriot Spotted in Shanghai, China

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Damn It, America! Step Up Your Game!

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Remember for Every Nuke You Have Pointed at 'Murica, We Have Four Pointed Right Back at You. - George Washington

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Never Trust 'Mericans

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Made in 'Murica

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