Señor GIF

seems legit

Delayed Reflexes

gifs funny fights seems legit sports soccer - 7881896192
Created by Unknown


flip gifs push rage seems legit wrestling - 6165338624
Created by Unknown

Obama vs. Oprah Lightsaber Duel

light sabers Movies and TV obama oprah seems legit star wars - 6155440128
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Funny or Die )

Precision Sliding

air epic gifs seems legit slip and slide win - 5135742976
Created by Tobi

Darth Vader in Portland

bagpipes best of week darth vader gifs makes sense mindwarp portland seems legit star wars unicycle - 5967777792
Created by Unknown

I Hate Fun Fairs

gifs Pranks for the Memories seems legit - 5144712448
Created by Shado85

Business And Pleasure

gifs horse mask basketball mentos seems legit - 6847032832
Created by Unknown

Endless Trap

Cats Caturday gifs seems legit trap - 6257864448
Created by Unknown

Emma Watson's Strong Arm

celeb emma watson epic gifs punch seems legit - 6537851392
Created by Unknown

Whoops, Wrong Floor

elevator gifs mindwarp seems legit space whoops - 5933430528
Created by Unknown

Musical Maurinho

Music piano gifs soccer seems legit - 8298155776
Created by ToolBee

Sneaky Zorro

gifs Movies and TV seems legit sneaky - 5580778752
Created by aero14

So Long

mindwarp gifs Deal With It babes seems legit - 8277534720
Via Bing

Cows Are Full of Milk

gifs milk science cows seems legit - 7424928000
Created by ToolBee

That's One Way to Do It

golf gifs crocodile explosions seems legit - 8314787584
Via Yahoo

This is in Know Way Reflective of How Cops Are Instructed to Deal With Situations

cops wtf gifs bruce willis seems legit - 4115300608
Created by Anubis777