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Bieber Gets Shooped

celeb gifs justin bieber lasers seems legit - 5479981824
Created by Unknown

Ancient Greeks Can't Drive Very Well

300 crash FAIL gifs mindwarp seems legit wtf - 6416784384
Created by Iron-man01

Seems Legit

yikes satan fire toaster seems legit - 6760903936
Created by Unknown

Christmas Congratulation From Chuck Norris

christmas gifs planes chuck norris seems legit - 7963681024
Created by SatevisM

A New Form of Automobile Transportation

gifs technology cars funny seems legit - 7777144832
Created by Unknown

Seems Legit Because of Sunglasses

sunglasses gifs seems legit - 6848028416
Created by Unknown

Power Walking

cool gifs seems legit win wrestling - 6530713088
Created by Unknown

Videogames Unparalleled Realism

realism sports gifs Videogames football seems legit - 8300936448
Created by Unknown

Nice to Meet You, Dog

dogs wtf gifs funny seems legit - 7466586880
Via Daniel T. Flynn

Wolverine Cat Goes Beserk

gifs Cats wolverine seems legit - 8080580608
Created by Unknown

iPhone 7? 8? Extra Plus?

iPhones mindwarp gifs apple seems legit - 8331915520
Created by anselmbe

Lets Take a Minute to Appreciate The Spectacular Scene That is Occurring in This GIF

gifs bears throws hulk seems legit - 7324081408
Created by Iron-man01

Dancing Rats

critters cute dancing gifs rats seems legit - 5471214080
Created by sinlinks

Robocroc is Hungry For People

gifs crocodiles robots funny seems legit - 7803779840
Via Vulture

135 People Jump Off a Bridge

bridge gifs jump seems legit win - 6393167616
Created by _C_A_T_

Girls Mixed Coke and Mentos

explosion gifs girls mindwarp science seems legit - 5271558144
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )