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A Practical Way to Skydive

explosion gifs seems legit video games Videogames wtf - 5479518720
Created by Scarcheg

Dark Powers at Work in The Ring

wtf gifs wrestling seems legit - 8137719040
Created by _darkknight_

Looks Like Someone Had Taco Bell

driving explosion FAIL gifs seems legit - 6405509888
Created by TSGIGOR

Finally a Working Perpetual Motion Machine

physics perpetual motion gifs funny seems legit - 7420929280
Via Youtube

Australian Open

critters crocodiles gifs seems legit tennis - 8100004352
Created by ToolBee

So That's How Eggs Are Made

mindwarp gifs eggs reverse seems legit - 8301175808
Created by ToolBee

Robocroc is Hungry For People

gifs crocodiles robots funny seems legit - 7803779840
Via Vulture

Bieber Gets Shooped

celeb gifs justin bieber lasers seems legit - 5479981824
Created by Unknown

Dramatic Rhino Escape and Capture

clever disguise costume drama gifs gun rhino seems legit wtf - 5812491264
Created by Unknown

Nice to Meet You, Dog

dogs wtf gifs funny seems legit - 7466586880
Via Daniel T. Flynn

How Trees Grow

trees gifs funny seems legit - 7777234432
Created by Unknown

Taking a Lift

Videogames makes sense seems legit gifs - 6702005248
Created by Unknown

Astronauts Used to Go Through Much More Work to Get to Space

yikes gifs astronauts space seems legit - 8416138240
Created by anselmbe

Pretty Epic Play, Bruh

bazooka epic gifs seems legit video games wtf - 5154141184
Created by mak1nbak0n

That's German Technology For Ya

germans gifs technology robots building seems legit - 7044798208
Created by Unknown

The Ladder of Defeat

FAIL gifs ladder punching seems legit wrestling - 6435696896
Created by Unknown