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Obama's Cool Hand Shake

celeb cool dude gifs handshake obama politics seems legit - 5131042304
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Endless Trap

Cats Caturday gifs seems legit trap - 6257864448
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Soccer is Weird

wtf sports gifs soccer seems legit - 8139767296
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Whoops, Wrong Floor

elevator gifs mindwarp seems legit space whoops - 5933430528
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The Ladder of Defeat

FAIL gifs ladder punching seems legit wrestling - 6435696896
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Power Walking

cool gifs seems legit win wrestling - 6530713088
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Swimming Is Good Exercise

exercise gifs pool seems legit swimming win - 6171052800
Created by _C_A_T_

Ninjas Vs. Cops

awesome cops gifs Movies and TV ninjas seems legit win - 5509812992
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If Only It Were This Easy

phones mindwarp gifs money seems legit - 8370713088
Created by beernbiccies

Robocroc is Hungry For People

gifs crocodiles robots funny seems legit - 7803779840
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Musical Maurinho

Music piano gifs soccer seems legit - 8298155776
Created by ToolBee

A New Form of Automobile Transportation

gifs technology cars funny seems legit - 7777144832
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Sand That Has Been Exposed to Too Many Wi-Fi Signals

gifs mindwarp science seems legit wtf - 8343577600
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Sneaky Zorro

gifs Movies and TV seems legit sneaky - 5580778752
Created by aero14

Well That Was Unexpected

gifs explosions seems legit swings - 8196931584
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Magic Rabbit Saves Two Little Kittens From Monsters

spiders gifs kitten Cats rabbits magic seems legit - 8547314432
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