Señor GIF


Meanwhile in China

wtf FAIL gifs China scooter stroller funny - 7462885376

Smooth Move, Exlax

smooth move FAIL gifs chairs funny - 7780692480

Gas Prices Are Exploding

explosion FAIL gas station gifs puns sad but true - 6229336064
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Watch The Footwork, Son

ouch FAIL gifs kids funny - 7905616384
Created by ToolBee

So Tired

FAIL gifs hills ouch puns tires - 5028807168

Leap of Faith

ouch FAIL gifs assassins creed - 6923804416


breakdance FAIL gifs kick kids ouch - 4624459264
Created by Snugglebum

Cheese Balls Results in Sneezes

FAIL gifs - 8390276864
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )


exercise FAIL gifs ouch pull ups - 4732666368

Highway Kiss

close call FAIL gifs yikes semi trucks - 8197864704

Explosive Manhole

best of week explosion FAIL gifs manhole wtf yikes - 5800033280
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Windy Out, Eh?

Funny gif of two black dudes by the water on a windy day and one of the guy's hat flies off into the water, he tries to catch it and looses balance, falling in the water. FAIL

Coworkers Will Get You In Trouble

FAIL gifs working alligators critters - 8528062464
Created by anselmbe

Thats Not How You Use an Escalator

ouch FAIL gifs escalators funny fall - 7707162368

Good Try, Bud

dogs catch FAIL gifs - 8568487424

High Impact Work Out

best of week FAIL gifs nut shot ouch treadmill - 5412381696
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