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Guess He Was Board

FAIL gifs puns ouch wood - 8221320704
Via Bing


bubbles FAIL gifs whoops - 4008573184
By Unknown

Worst Soccer Penalty Kick

FAIL gifs lol soccer sports - 5869270016
By Unknown

Watch Your Step!

Gif of cat running into a step
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One Smooth Exit

FAIL gifs critters snakes fall - 8497391104
By Unknown

A Reason to Love Hockey

FAIL gifs hockey seems legit - 7098232320
By Unknown

The Brave Face of Death By From Ninja Star

FAIL gifs ninjas - 8437911296
By Unknown

Oiled Floor Prank

babe bikini FAIL floor gifs oil prank - 6120973056
By Unknown

What a Cheap Pool

fat guy FAIL gifs pools funny - 7714812160
By anselmbe

Who Could Make Up These Statistics

accidents FAIL gifs make up puns sad but true - 6390909952
By Unknown

Sorry Coach...

ouch FAIL gifs kids soccer - 6736725248
By ToolBee

Meanwhile At The Gathering of The Juggalos

FAIL gifs kick ouch - 6508162816
By Unknown


cranes FAIL gifs ouch - 4422220032
By _C_A_T_


FAIL fatality gifs liu kang lol Mortal Kombat video games Videogames - 4946558976

2 Year Olds Throw Down

dance FAIL fight gifs kids - 6260451328
By _C_A_T_ (Via The Daily What)

This is How You Get a Dog Off The Sofa

Very funny GIF of how to get the dog off the couch in a cute way.
By Unknown
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