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Escalator FAIL!

escalator FAIL gifs ouch - 6550935808
Created by ToolBee

Gotta Love Siblings

FAIL gifs kids siblings - 8517011456
Created by anselmbe


FAIL gifs girls oofta ouch table - 6413712896

That's How You Win in a Traffic Accident

bikers FAIL mindwarp gifs flips win - 4111937280
Created by TSGIGOR


exercise FAIL gifs ouch pull ups - 4732666368

Kid Doesn't Have Game

FAIL gifs kids basketball funny fall - 7833326080

News Walk On

photobomb news whoops FAIL gifs - 6769873920

Snow Parking Zone

collapse FAIL gifs parking puns snow yikes - 5902625792

Why American Kids Don't Play Soccer

ouch whoops FAIL gifs kids jk funny - 7617183744
Created by ToolBee

Probably Why There Weren't Ninjas in The Arctic

FAIL jump gifs winter - 8445717248

One of The Worst First World Problems

want FAIL gifs First World Problems snacks - 7035725312

This is Why You Get a Dog Instead of a Ram

ouch FAIL gifs kids Rams funny - 7641370112
Created by Iron-man01

Unicycle Basketball FAIL

basketball FAIL gifs unicycle - 6183970048
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via The Daily What )

Instant Karma

ouch FAIL gifs car karma fall - 8561544960
Created by ToolBee

Speed Bump

FAIL gifs mammaries speed bump - 5590277888
Created by lol_saint

Good Idea, Bad Idea

good idea FAIL bad idea gifs swimming win - 8139741184
Created by ToolBee
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