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Sneaking Sideways Glances

Rage Comics relationships troll - 6230312448

Can't Resist Orange Juice

rage troll juice - 8497355776

Classic: Thought I Was Rich

money Rage Comics Sad troll - 5276667904
Created by Unknown

But I Called Dibs on That Seat!

pets Rage Comics raisin rage troll - 6436294400
Created by mademoiselleneves

Crazy, Furry Cat Lady

cat hair Rage Comics raisin face troll - 4926575360
Via cheezburger.com

The Last Guy Had Unexpected Plaque

i lied orthodontist Rage Comics time troll waiting - 5185418240
Created by walcitrus

Very Gentle, Thanks for Asking

aww yeah not bad Rage Comics relationships troll - 5769857536

Like Anyone Ever Picks Bulbasaur Anyway

fu guy Pokémon Rage Comics troll - 4922517760
Created by ToryAbshire

Some Things Never Get Old

pen Rage Comics scent sister troll - 5153530112
Created by batmamma

Kids, Try This at Home!

Challenge Accepted everything went better th everything went better than expected justin bieber poker face Rage Comics troll - 5592325632

Tis the Season to Be Scarred for Life

Rage Comics raisin face shock sites troll - 5592398336

Post-Rain Troll

troll tree rain - 6995924992

Hope He Gets a Hairball

cat Rage Comics troll - 5238135808

Whatever, Whatever, I Draw What I Want

drawing nerd p3n0r Rage Comics troll - 5583863296
Created by meganeguard

Take It!

Rage Comics raisin face siri troll - 6061456128

Get The Reference?

troll gtfo - 8541796096