Rage Comics


The Edges Are Practically Burning

food frozen Rage Comics troll - 5802618880
Created by katepointOH

Troll Husband

beer marriage wife relationships husband troll xbox dating - 6981043968
Created by TedTheViking

Compare It to Your Grandma

Rage Comics relationships troll - 6241326336

I Got Kinda Bored After the Third Dragon

lazy Rage Comics troll - 5573830656
Created by jeebzpb

The Easter Bunny From the Mall is Just a Creep in a Costume

christmas Rage Comics troll - 6372079616

Troll Fiance

troll oh god why married omg - 6852167936

It's In The Family

Rage Comics troll watching you - 5864913664

I Guess It's Sipping Time

lemonade Rage Comics straw troll - 5148233728
Created by SabbyTheTabby ( Via www.reddit.com )

Ninja? Nope, Just Troll

elevator pfftch Rage Comics troll - 6351603200

I Don't Even Feel Guilty About Trying to Cripple Her!

mom Rage Comics troll - 5509154304
Created by Pikameme

Le Spot the Troll

Rage Comics spider troll - 4921725696
Created by 2KLOLOL

Vibrate Troll

phone Rage Comics troll vibrate - 4692713216

You're Making This Too Easy

annoying questions Rage Comics troll - 5523241472
Created by Asaulor

Try Again In a Few Years

halo id Rage Comics troll video games - 5504426752

Be Careful, It Might Get Stuck That Way

best of week compliments fu gal poker face Rage Comics troll - 5625728512
Created by ifSockscudtalk

Take It!

Rage Comics raisin face siri troll - 6061456128