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Poker Night

poker poker face troll - 8578552320
Created by RedAppleJp ( Via ragegenerator.com )

I've Got Big Plans This Evening

are you serious Rage Comics troll work - 5672565504
Created by Unknown

I Know the Owner

customer service Rage Comics restaurant troll - 5903531520
Created by Unknown

trolling student :P...

animal dad parenting troll truancy story - 6532397312
Created by Unknown

Y U No Stay Warm?

cereal guy rage guy troll coffee FUUUUU warm - 6856312064
Created by B00kc4t9

That Doesn't Even Look Like What I Ordered

food Rage Comics raisin face troll - 5106780160
Created by Unknown

Can You Hear Me Now?

raisin rage troll - 6512775168
Created by Unknown

Here Fishy, Fishy

fishing Rage Comics troll - 6299694336
Created by jwsamuel

A Troll Is Born

man milk troll - 4805414400
Created by Unknown

Don't Tempt Me

best of week peetimes Rage Comics teacher troll truancy story - 5592428032
Created by Unknown

You Know You're Not Allowed in the Pool at Night

growing up kids lol Rage Comics troll wtf - 6274801920
Created by Unknown

That's What's In Your Library?

awesome mac Rage Comics troll - 5527568128
Created by Unknown

Like Anyone Ever Picks Bulbasaur Anyway

fu guy Pokémon Rage Comics troll - 4922517760
Created by ToryAbshire

I Wish I Hadn't Seen What You Did There

joke Rage Comics troll - 6375131904
Created by Unknown

Fun in Life [RMX]

fu gal lies troll - 6199075328
Created by Blazer800

Chili and Chocolate are Lovely

Rage Comics troll - 5392516352
Created by Unknown