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So About that Other Favor...

pizza Rage Comics troll women - 5447590656
Created by bassiejs

Let Him See Roos

kangaroos mom Rage Comics troll win zoo - 4995298816
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I Think It's Gonna Bruise

bewbees cat Rage Comics troll - 5869660928
Created by Unknown

Can't Resist Orange Juice

rage troll juice - 8497355776
Created by Unknown

Le Spot the Troll

Rage Comics spider troll - 4921725696
Created by 2KLOLOL


facepalm picard facepalm Rage Comics troll - 6226705408
Created by Miziziziz


mosquito Rage Comics troll - 4703753472
Created by Unknown

Gotta Love Bad Calls

bad call troll - 8550892800
Created by Unknown

I Accidentally the Whole Government

Rage Comics SOPA troll - 5715841024
Created by Trollography

The Hot Seat

cars driving Rage Comics troll - 6334113280
Created by Unknown

I Understand If You Need a Minute

doctor hospital Rage Comics troll - 6133343744
Created by Unknown

Don't Make Me Get a Fork

cereal Rage Comics troll - 5586124544
Created by Unknown

Gryffindor for the Win!

Harry Potter troll - 6532411904
Created by Unknown

Pee Hands

peetimes pooptimes troll - 6555283968
Created by Unknown

Never Even Heard of It

book Pronunciation Rage Comics troll - 6315867904
Created by Bdcca77

Crunch Stealer

rage guy friends troll FUUUUU - 6849284608
Created by Unknown