Rage Comics


Get The Reference?

troll gtfo - 8541796096

Troll Husband

beer marriage wife relationships husband troll xbox dating - 6981043968
Created by TedTheViking

The Dismissal Troll

class freedom yao ming teacher troll - 6891160832
Created by GoldenNugget123

You're Making This Too Easy

annoying questions Rage Comics troll - 5523241472
Created by Asaulor

Cat Owners Will Know

Cats fu guy troll - 6574888448
Created by Xyhpered

Crunch Stealer

rage guy friends troll FUUUUU - 6849284608

Making Your Lady Happy

sir Rage Comics relationships troll - 6091032832
Created by litlu0607

Different How?

pets Rage Comics troll vegetarian - 6352803584

Guitar Rage!

grandma troll deaf - 8541414912
Created by Matt_the_rager

Blue Would Be a Gross Flavor Anyway

Rage Comics rainbow skittles troll - 4885951744
Created by fadingregret897

Unless You Have Another Daughter

Rage Comics theft troll virginity - 5684636160

Whatever, Whatever, I Draw What I Want

drawing nerd p3n0r Rage Comics troll - 5583863296
Created by meganeguard

You Didn't Have to Bring Me Into This

i aint even mad parenting troll - 6537408000

Granny Troll Just Wants to See You Get Ticketed

driving police Rage Comics ticket troll - 4721402368
Created by Unknown

My Lady Tongue Licks Me Right

Challenge Accepted lunch Rage Comics troll - 6327148800

This Means War

poop war im-watching-you sweet jesus dafuq troll dogs - 6751502848
Created by provoke