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Stuck In Your Head Too, Isn't It?

lol Rage Comics rick roll troll - 6124902400

Just Add Hot Sauce!

Challenge Accepted cooking dinner Rage Comics troll - 6348130816
Created by Andy

Happens Every Time...

Challenge Accepted concert Rage Comics troll - 4771010816

One Pixel

Ad fu guy troll - 6562768384
Created by riccardoraneri

I Know the Owner

customer service Rage Comics restaurant troll - 5903531520

Subject-Troll Agreement

grammar Rage Comics troll truancy story - 6229435648

Make Sure You're Feeling Lucky

google Rage Comics troll - 6497508096

Dark is Natural Too, Can I Take Them at Night?

Rage Comics table flip troll Y U NO - 6060804096
Created by apophis775

Unless You Have Another Daughter

Rage Comics theft troll virginity - 5684636160

Well Thrown

question Rage Comics troll - 5152382464
Created by awesomizer

Le Spot the Troll

Rage Comics spider troll - 4921725696
Created by 2KLOLOL

You Know You're Not Allowed in the Pool at Night

growing up kids lol Rage Comics troll wtf - 6274801920

It Might Be Important!

iphone Rage Comics troll - 4960785664
Via epic4chan

Sorry, Didn't See It There

food lunch Rage Comics raisin rage troll - 5734043904

We Don't All Think It's a Brand

Music Rage Comics troll women - 6385215744

At Least I Didn't Try to Talk My Way Out of It

police Rage Comics ticket troll - 5706700032
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