Rage Comics


Granny Troll Just Wants to See You Get Ticketed

driving police Rage Comics ticket troll - 4721402368
Created by Lexa

Need a Drummer?

forever alone friend zone Music Rage Comics so close troll - 6489106432
Created by eightball08

Naptime Trolling

fu guy nap troll - 6543358464
Created by Unknown

I Know the Owner

customer service Rage Comics restaurant troll - 5903531520
Created by Unknown

Disney Troll

disney family parade Rage Comics troll - 4694811392
Created by Unknown

But I Just...

computers FAIL fu guy problem Rage Comics troll - 4994826752
Created by Unknown

It burns!

ouch rage shower eyes soap shampoo troll burn - 8580772864
Created by KsComics


chuck norris FRIDAY mail Rage Comics troll - 4731392256
Created by ultramizer

Learning About My Friends

cereal guy computer soon email troll pr0n spam - 6883279104
Created by Unknown

I Only Remember How to Write My Name

liar Rage Comics teacher troll - 4918115584
Created by kitkat99

Gryffindor for the Win!

Harry Potter troll - 6532411904
Created by Unknown

Don't Tempt Me

best of week peetimes Rage Comics teacher troll truancy story - 5592428032
Created by Unknown

So About that Other Favor...

pizza Rage Comics troll women - 5447590656
Created by bassiejs

One Man Musical

Music Rage Comics troll - 5593472512
Created by Unknown

Sneaking Sideways Glances

Rage Comics relationships troll - 6230312448
Created by Unknown

Well Played

rage siblings troll - 8492508672
Created by Unknown
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