Rage Comics


Y U No Stay Warm?

cereal guy rage guy troll coffee FUUUUU warm - 6856312064
Created by B00kc4t9

The Last Guy Had Unexpected Plaque

i lied orthodontist Rage Comics time troll waiting - 5185418240
Created by walcitrus

Teacher Fail

rage guy teacher troll Chemistry FUUUUU truancy story - 6817617408
Created by Gogeta2012

No, I'm Not Crying!

ouch Rage Comics troll - 5518875648
Created by Unknown

Classic: Thought I Was Rich

money Rage Comics Sad troll - 5276667904
Created by Johan

I Only Remember How to Write My Name

liar Rage Comics teacher troll - 4918115584
Created by kitkat99

Classic: Just Like This Joke!

p3n0r Rage Comics troll - 6369179904
Created by littledevil9

Stuck In Your Head Too, Isn't It?

lol Rage Comics rick roll troll - 6124902400
Created by Unknown

Under Water Breathing 101

pfftch Rage Comics troll water - 6483725056
Created by hughes96

It Might Be Important!

iphone Rage Comics troll - 4960785664
Via epic4chan

I Guess You Aren't Much of a Catcher

ball Challenge Accepted Rage Comics troll - 5883301120
Created by Unknown

Must... Destroy... Razor

Rage Comics razor shaving troll - 4793076224
Created by Unknown

Fido McTrollsten

dogs no Rage Comics troll - 6155108864
Created by Unknown

Ninja? Nope, Just Troll

elevator pfftch Rage Comics troll - 6351603200
Created by Unknown

You'll Look Like $200k

color present Rage Comics red troll - 5468000512
Created by Unknown

At Least I Didn't Try to Talk My Way Out of It

police Rage Comics ticket troll - 5706700032
Created by Unknown
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