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Someone's Not Getting Lucky Tonight

girlfriend Rage Comics trash troll - 4718421760
By Unknown


poker face taxi troll - 6645528320
By Camilzu

Compare It to Your Grandma

Rage Comics relationships troll - 6241326336
By Unknown

Classic: Thought I Was Rich

money Rage Comics Sad troll - 5276667904
By Johan

Sneaking Sideways Glances

Rage Comics relationships troll - 6230312448
By Unknown

Unless You Have Another Daughter

Rage Comics theft troll virginity - 5684636160
By Unknown

That's What's In Your Library?

awesome mac Rage Comics troll - 5527568128
By Unknown

Never Fails

fu guy me gusta troll work - 6595367424
By CaseyLeanna

Duck Duck Troll

goose Rage Comics troll - 4778047488
By Unknown

Cat Owners Will Know

Cats fu guy troll - 6574888448
By Xyhpered

And I'd Like to Keep Them at a Distance

fu gal insult Rage Comics stars teeth troll - 5834279424
By Unknown

Le Spot the Troll

Rage Comics spider troll - 4921725696

Don't Cheat Off That Guy

math Rage Comics so close troll truancy story - 5778713600
By Unknown

Low Battery Again?

cell phone Rage Comics troll Y U No Guy - 5802420224
By Unknown

I Told You That You Wouldn't Like It

cat Rage Comics troll Y U NO - 6188485888
Via Xradiationator

Doesn't Matter, Had Checks

birthday check memo Rage Comics troll - 5194023680
By JmfDiver
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