Rage Comics


Oh, Did You Want a Flat One?

not okay Rage Comics soda spiderpman troll - 5864987648
Created by MahreoKastehyo

Attack of the Troll Pizza

delicious eating pizza Rage Comics troll - 4695628544
Created by Whatever_lolz233

No, I'm Not Crying!

ouch Rage Comics troll - 5518875648

At Least She Has a Job

grandma job Rage Comics troll work - 4863404032
Created by delovicha

Unless You Have Another Daughter

Rage Comics theft troll virginity - 5684636160

Stupid Troll Pebbles

rocks troll - 4690974208
Created by 3D.Colors

This Means War

blanket Rage Comics troll - 5113368832

Crunch Stealer

rage guy friends troll FUUUUU - 6849284608

I Think It's Gonna Bruise

bewbees cat Rage Comics troll - 5869660928

Troll Genie

cowboy genie Rage Comics troll - 4697511424
Created by sarahweeze

Radio DJs are Trolls

radio Rage Comics rick roll troll - 6326714624
Created by Godwin1066

Fun in Life [RMX]

fu gal lies troll - 6199075328
Created by Blazer800

Gryffindor for the Win!

Harry Potter troll - 6532411904

TP Troll

toilet paper troll pooptimes - 6694169600
Created by freshbru

The Hot Seat

cars driving Rage Comics troll - 6334113280

Just Add Hot Sauce!

Challenge Accepted cooking dinner Rage Comics troll - 6348130816
Created by Andy
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