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Is This What Heaven Smells Like?

school sweet jesus wood - 7869900032

When I Finish a School Project

projects school please - 8038743552
Created by Derp1231234

Sleep is Not Required

homework forever alone are you kidding me school sleep truancy story - 7804643584

Phones These Days

buttons calculator kids math phone school - 8196106496
Created by SamP101

No One Expects Them

question school library - 8402272768
Created by beckysharp52

Seriously, Mom?

rage school food mom - 8428038144

Nevermind Then...

gender school bathroom truancy story - 7522572032

Trying to Sleep

school scumbag brain sleeping truancy story - 6555713280

College Life

haters gonna hate school me gusta determined lol oh god why college truancy story - 7787053568
Created by traversec

All That Work For Nothing

school prizes - 8178773504

Anything to Get Outta This Classroom

school hunger games truancy story - 7406983168
Created by Temporarilyalone

Everything is Going Right For Me Today...

school snow day video games - 8453222144

Math Class

school math class truancy story - 7044516864

Your Tastes Move Too Fast, I Can't Keep Up!

school friends poker face truancy story - 7360507648
Created by tentoes2

All That Hard Work... Wasted...

studying school tests Okay funny exams truancy story - 7361919232

Student Logic

studying homework school logic exams truancy story - 7376180480