Rage Comics


I'm a Free Frosh, Baby!

hallway Rage Comics running school true story - 5281720832
Created by Dustward

Who Would Do Such a Thing?

gum school table flipping - 7850748672
Created by death_by_rage

Good News, Bad News

class school Sad - 8326119680
Created by Qendou

Doge for President?

doge school history - 8320063744

What Goes Around Comes Around

pencil school pen Okay - 8384171008
Created by teenager149


studying school test what have you done - 8445853952

Home vs School

home school the internets rain - 8427344384
Created by PresidentStorm

Let Her Know I'll Be Home After Midnight

objection parents Rage Comics school truancy story - 5535667712
Created by toleen

One Bad Apple... or Many of Them

Y U NO school f yeah true story teacher test late notes - 6781714944
Created by JakBed96

Your Tastes Move Too Fast, I Can't Keep Up!

school friends poker face truancy story - 7360507648
Created by tentoes2


homework school essays truancy story - 7833477376

The Different Levels of Spanish

spanish school me gusta - 8557377024

Every Freakin' Year

studying homework school truancy story funny - 7443589632

Daily Dilemma

fart school test rage - 8106714112
Created by EpikHawtDawg

Teachers have lives?

class school life teacher - 6525131520

Screw You Too, Scantron!

school scantron test truancy story - 7370135808
Created by Obsidz