Rage Comics


Phones These Days

buttons calculator kids math phone school - 8196106496
Created by SamP101

I Should Knock Your Lights Out

dumb Rage Comics school sun wtf - 5152737280
Created by gijs.Gro

Even Worse Than Leaving the Cursor on the Display

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Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Saved by the Bell!

homework school truancy story - 7007029504
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

A Lesson We Should All Learn

school friends gossip - 8541852416
Created by Unknown

So Many Movies

all the guy all the things computer download Rage Comics school - 5080295936
Created by Unknown

A Hairy Situation

school hairy shaving oh god why - 7727152128
Created by Unknown

I Weep for Our Youth

Music school president truancy story - 7342006528
Created by TropicalFantasy7

Stupid Benton

school Maps truancy story - 7654085888
Created by Unknown

I'm a Free Frosh, Baby!

hallway Rage Comics running school true story - 5281720832
Created by Dustward

School in the Mushroom Kingdom

jump mario Rage Comics school success - 4703789824
Created by GuardianOfTheBlind

The Atomic Bell

best of week Rage Comics school teacher truancy story - 5501915136
Created by omnomnomnommuffins

The Break Is Always Better

Rage Comics school summer - 5237968896
Created by violethill48

We've All Done It

class school scantron quiz multiple choice test exam truancy story - 7016955392
Created by Unknown

I Was Just Trying to Look on the Bright Side!

school optimism ebola - 8363269632
Created by Komega

Flipping Desks at School

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Created by RainbowMustache