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The 7 Emotional Stages of Exams

Like a Boss school tests exams truancy story - 7861490432

No Snow Days For Me

school snow day all the things winter - 8048110336

The First to Finish or the First to Fail?

school tests failing exams truancy story - 7340364288

Worse Than Expected

school fart - 8385575424
Created by depurplepotato

Not Fair

school teacher bad poker face truancy story - 7602647808
Created by Minetuber07

School Can Be So Beautiful

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Created by hazhotdog

School Day Rage!

saturday school - 6923080448

Troll Teachers

school teachers truancy story - 7760817152

Elementary School Hierarchy

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Form a Line, Everyone!

comics entertainment school fire drill - 8350180608
Created by Dr.Trollington44

Oxygen is Never Single

forever alone school Chemistry - 8053116416
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Doesn't Matter, Played Video Games

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Created by Setton

I Gave You One Simple Instruction, Brain!

school test loading - 8196088064

Browser Rage

Y U NO school browser teacher - 8321653504
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The Test Reactions

studying school test reaction - 8294233856
Created by tentoes2

Just Say Okay!

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Created by Squidkid915