Rage Comics


Internet Rage!

rage school internet wifi - 8386700032
Created by halo.reach.for.the.stars

That's EXACTLY the Reason!

homework school - 8234960128
Created by UberSmurf

Fail ALL the Classes

all the things homework Rage Comics school - 5376323840
Created by ICanHasMeowMeow

My Life Has No Meaning!

school doritos xbox rainbow guy spring break - 7167821824
Created by HappyRespawn

I Should Take a "Sick" Day Too

school sick day video games - 8376752896
Created by gravedigga63

Me Medic

school medic me gusta Team Fortress 2 true story - 6813595136
Created by Chickenguy

Is This What Heaven Smells Like?

school sweet jesus wood - 7869900032
Created by Unknown

Never Mind...

school Okay - 8138025216
Created by Unknown

First Period Is a Joke Anyway

alarm late Rage Comics school snooze - 4897053952
Created by Unknown

High Five!

bro fast food high five McDonald's Rage Comics school work - 6165693440
Created by Unknown

I've Seen It All

class school truancy story - 7382704128
Created by Unknown

I Gave You One Simple Instruction, Brain!

school test loading - 8196088064
Created by Unknown

Your Tastes Move Too Fast, I Can't Keep Up!

school friends poker face truancy story - 7360507648
Created by tentoes2

Let's Take Your Hair...

hair school - 7997555968
Created by Heattiucs

Isn't It Obvious??

gym class school captain obvious you dont say truancy story - 7881160960
Created by DaxsDeathBlaze

They Don't Know That They're Dead Already

taken school liam neeson funny truancy story - 7467633408
Created by Unknown
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