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A Great Way to Start Off Winter Break

Y U NO school strep throat sick vacation - 8407160832
By ariel11563

Don't You Hate it When This Happens?

rage school forgot - 8394948096
By Unknown

Dude, What Are You Writing?

school pens truancy story - 7168251904
By CrazyGuitarKid


school college truancy story - 6587600128
By raider0609

Happens to the Best of Us

homework distraction school teacher - 8575833856
By gravedigga63

And You Say I'm the Slacker?

school teachers herpderp - 7793632256
By Unknown

Passing the Buck

trollface school - 6542170368
By Unknown

Just Wait Till You Hear How I Passed the Test...

trollface school stretching - 8320890112
By Unknown

Study Music

Avatar batman Rage Comics school studying - 4733434112
By Unknown


rage gif school procrastination computer exam - 8571996672
By Unknown

Teacher Trollin'

Like a Boss school I see what you did there teacher truancy story - 7461806592
By iamyourmom

Pencil Perfection

pencil pencil sharpener school - 8561823744
By death_by_rage

I Deserved It!

school teachers poker face lol Okay truancy story - 7841517568
By Unknown

Home vs School

home school the internets rain - 8427344384
By PresidentStorm

Elementary School Hierarchy

crayons Rage Comics school - 4777530880
By Unknown

When the Bell Rings

school mother of god truancy story - 7824680448
By zancor57
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