Rage Comics


Those Crafty Phone Programmers

phone sleep trollface - 7937252864
By Richard.JT.Nilsson

Universities Suck

rage guy university phone true story FUUUUU - 6881290240
By Unknown

No Messages For You!

forever alone text phone - 8395659520
By Maxpower29

I Wasn't a Smart Boy

memory kids trolldad phone - 8416787456
By Malanore

Like I Want to Talk to Your Mom

mom phone Rage Comics women wtf - 5144609280
By Unknown

Classic: Are You Going To Continue Asking Stupid Questions?

customer service phone Rage Comics raisin rage smart phone - 5675767552
By nevada11c

Maybe I Could Email Her?

bwah dumb phone Rage Comics - 6215743488
By jesiie87

Breathe, Baby! Just Breathe!

phone battery - 8257171200
By Unknown

When the Brain Gets Tired...

text phone logic - 8451281664
By Nanashi_Grim

Cellphone conundrum

phone Okay - 8577776896
By SpiritFang

Just Double Checking

internet phone computer guy - 8447910400
By DissolveTheKitten

Stupid IPhone Generation

kids phone kids these days iphone - 8381320960
By Unknown

Throw It Through the Earth!

nokia phone Rage Comics raisin face world - 5675819008
By Unknown

Classic: A Phone In the Hand

lost phone Rage Comics wtf - 5500772352
By 15raquaza

You Need Me to Run Errands?

jobs sir Okay phone Rage Comics work - 6149641472
Via HerrShaun

Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Interesting...

bathroom forever alone phone shampoo - 8343720704
By Unknown