Rage Comics


Kids These Days

annoying kids phone Rage Comics true story - 5081946368
By Unknown

No Jury Would Convict Me

trollface phone - 8381795328
By Unknown

Use the App, Luke

me gusta phone Rage Comics star wars the force - 5068487680
By bpcloe34

Were You Even Listening?

customers hotel no phone - 6529654272
By Unknown

Unfortunately... I Lied.

internet phone Okay i lied - 8395454464
By death_by_rage

Classic: Derp, Get Me Another Beer!

are you kidding me friends phone Rage Comics - 6133293824
By Unknown

...30 Missed Calls, 70 Texts, 97 Emails...

missed calls email text phone - 8267663872
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

I Got Up Early This Morning

i lied phone Rage Comics wake up - 5046499584
Via I Raff I Ruse

Stop Being Insensitive Towards Your Phones

forever alone phone - 8393016576
By SuperMissile

Classic: Nice Phone-Shaped Bruise

drop face pain phone Rage Comics - 5618323200
By AllieBear

It Could Be Important!

all the things blonde moment phone Rage Comics - 6210280192
Via LifeofaLorax

The Biggest Highlight of My Day Off...

day off phone work - 8248019200
By Bobby_Joe

Mind the Elevator Gap...

elevator phone rage - 8223601152
By Bobby_Joe

Darn This Modern Technology

old people phone Rage Comics - 6279209216
By Unknown

We've All Done It

pooptimes phone omg run - 6746208512
By stephbradley22

Happens To All of Us

time phone - 8577408000
By jellymelly