Rage Comics


Just Some Damn Kids on the Lawn Again

etiquette grandma phone picard facepalm Rage Comics so close - 6008944128
By Unknown

Oh Stop It, R2

me gusta phone Rage Comics - 5645710336
By Unknown

That Message

lost and found text phone wtf jackie - 6682947328
By 12monkey

It Was My Autocorrect, I Swear!

grammar phone Rage Comics texting - 5448117248
By Unknown

Worth It, Even If It Causes WWIII

justin bieber murder phone Rage Comics time travel - 5468129536
By Megs_Guitar

I Must Have Left It Next to My Face

dumb FAIL lost phone Rage Comics - 4839206400
By Unknown

Classic: Just Put the Dentist on Speed Dial

bed fu guy ouch phone Rage Comics - 4973756672
By Unknown

Let Me Freaking Finish

annoying omg phone Rage Comics text - 6166289408
By Unknown

Lost and Found

lost and found phone true story idiots - 6849480192
By WhatDance

No Jury Would Convict Me

trollface phone - 8381795328
By Unknown

My Cell Phone is Ready

forever alone phone Rage Comics - 6231345408
By Unknown

Nice Going, Brain

scumbag brain phone video games crush - 8434819072
By Unknown

Some Pissed Off Birds Distracted Me

forgetful phone Rage Comics time - 5226812160
By Jakester44

Universities Suck

rage guy university phone true story FUUUUU - 6881290240
By Unknown

I Didn't Even Bother Turning It On

cell phone forever alone movies phone Rage Comics Sad - 5068724480
By Unknown

The One Way to Silence a Classroom

comics entertainment school phone noise - 8350904320
By halo.reach.for.the.stars
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