Rage Comics


It Was Like That When You Gave It to Me

broken fu guy phone Rage Comics - 5924200448
By Unknown

Every Telemarketer Ever

phone trollface telemarketer - 8246040576
By JoelF9

Old Phone Rage

rage phone battery - 8381536768
By Gauge24988

I'm Never Full!

battery fu guy i lied phone Rage Comics - 5706498304
By Unknown

Classic: Are You Going To Continue Asking Stupid Questions?

customer service phone Rage Comics raisin rage smart phone - 5675767552
By nevada11c

Unfortunately... I Lied.

internet phone Okay i lied - 8395454464
By death_by_rage

Maybe You Took It With You

best of week dumb mom phone Rage Comics - 5213479936
By neon471

She Jumped the Line!

kids phone Rage Comics technology - 6235606784
By Unknown

Classic: Nice Phone-Shaped Bruise

drop face pain phone Rage Comics - 5618323200
By AllieBear

Great phone, not-so-great phone case

phone Okay - 8580518656
By TehPro_

No Messages For You!

forever alone text phone - 8395659520
By Maxpower29

Power Fail

phone rage - 8241613312
By death_by_rage

It Could Be Important!

all the things blonde moment phone Rage Comics - 6210280192
Via LifeofaLorax

That's 23 Times Too Many!

rage phone all the things update - 8443927296
By fbrueren

Phonecall Shadow Syndrome

loud phone Rage Comics raisin rage - 5709994240
By Ludlow9

Rage Against the Obsolescence

work phone - 8271720960
By chilicheezedog
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