Rage Comics


Classic: Are You Going To Continue Asking Stupid Questions?

customer service phone Rage Comics raisin rage smart phone - 5675767552
By nevada11c

It Happens...

creepy gusta forever alone phone - 6308836096
By HunterGrayy

I'm Never Full!

battery fu guy i lied phone Rage Comics - 5706498304
By Unknown

Embed Yourself in My Arm

cell phone phone Rage Comics smartphone - 6276050176
By Unknown

Classic: Nice Phone-Shaped Bruise

drop face pain phone Rage Comics - 5618323200
By AllieBear

Stop Being Insensitive Towards Your Phones

forever alone phone - 8393016576
By SuperMissile

Those Crafty Phone Programmers

phone sleep trollface - 7937252864
By Richard.JT.Nilsson

It Was My Autocorrect, I Swear!

grammar phone Rage Comics texting - 5448117248
By Unknown

Classic: Derp, Get Me Another Beer!

are you kidding me friends phone Rage Comics - 6133293824
By Unknown

Stupid IPhone Generation

kids phone kids these days iphone - 8381320960
By Unknown

Cellular Teleportation Device

phone Rage Comics talking - 5684725248
By Unknown

Classic: Just Put the Dentist on Speed Dial

bed fu guy ouch phone Rage Comics - 4973756672
By Unknown

Important Phone Call

rage call phone - 8556136960
By Spirit_of_Chaos

Maybe You Took It With You

best of week dumb mom phone Rage Comics - 5213479936
By neon471

Throw It Through the Earth!

nokia phone Rage Comics raisin face world - 5675819008
By Unknown

Even Worse When You're Driving and It Sounds Like Your Car is Breaking Down

Music phone Rage Comics sounds weird - 4936180736
By Wingerzz