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Well, This Is Awkward

gross Awkward poker face parents - 6749171712
Created by cabowabo155

No, I'm in Space!

moms parenting mom logic funny parents - 7493499904
Created by Unknown

The Plate

washing dishes moms chores parents - 7168746752
Created by Unknown

Traumatized Child

oh god why parents - 6812087296
Created by Unknown

Friend's House

friends parents - 6525068800
Created by Unknown

I Will Fear No Evil..

parents Okay internet - 6308661760
Created by Angelica514

Teacher Meeting with parents

meeting teacher late parents - 8586351616
Created by Unknown

Picking Favorites

sibling rivalry grades parents - 8413571328
Created by maxami123

School Rage

school sick parents table flipping - 8440851200
Created by funnycomicpierce

So What am I Supposed to Watch?

parents TV table flipping The Walking Dead - 8133081856
Created by Unknown

Home Alone

Home Alone parents - 6469729792
Created by Unknown

GTA: Now for Pre-Schoolers!

gamestop GTA V Grand Theft Auto video games parents - 7816644352
Created by MayorIvysaur

It Never Gets Easier

Okay parents - 8181277184
Created by beckysharp52

Parents Sometimes...

family parents - 8405015296
Created by gravedigga63

I Asked to Help!

chores mom parents - 7168451072
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

What Is Wrong With Your Baby?

baby wtf gross eww parents - 8470413568
Created by Unknown