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eyes glasses parents Rage Comics ugly world - 4774560512
Created by Unknown

That Awkward Moment When You Realize Your Parents Hate You

Y U NO so close bad poker face parents - 7773424384
Created by gravedigga63

Velcro Rage

shoes parents - 8025708800
Created by Unknown

Picking Favorites

sibling rivalry grades parents - 8413571328
Created by maxami123

Is That Max Volume Already?

headphones parents poker face Rage Comics sexytimes - 4974065408
Created by Ms.Trollface

May as Well Not Go Home Tonight

missed calls friends please parents - 7883950848
Created by Edge1337

How Should I Know?!

friends parents Rage Comics - 5448826880
Created by kgsparrow524


video games funny parents - 8300213248
Created by SuperChez

There Are Better Bits on the Internets

parents Rage Comics TV - 6083565824
Created by Unknown

Let Her Know I'll Be Home After Midnight

objection parents Rage Comics school truancy story - 5535667712
Created by toleen


computers trolldad parents - 6537793536
Created by Unknown

Driving Home

driving parents radio Rage Comics raisin rage - 6325469952
Created by Unknown

Like Father, Like Son

wtf kids farts funny son parents Father - 8298817536
Created by foxer124

I'll Never Look at Her the Same Way

girlfriend lol parents Rage Comics - 6162262272
Created by Unknown

Perfect Timing!

rage Home Alone parents - 8292364032
Created by derpingpython

Snow Days...

school seriously sleep mom snow days parents - 6865117696
Created by Unknown
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