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Reraged: Thanks, Mom and Dad

Reframe all the things snacks parents - 8109204224
Created by death_by_rage

How Phony

mom parents - 6855856384
Created by Unknown

Perfect Timing!

rage Home Alone parents - 8292364032
Created by derpingpython

Go Away, Mom!

moms parents - 7373680896
Created by Bart_Homer77

Do You Want Some Ice For That BURN!

trollface burn parents - 8312633856
Created by UberSmurf

Just Let Me Sleep In the Backseat

friends old people parents Rage Comics wtf - 5080786688
Created by 5o4b0i

Better Than Expected Rage

school FAIL lies everything went better than expected parents - 8433361920
Created by Tr0jAn3ntRy

Are You Even Real?

gifts i lied parents Rage Comics santa - 5080656128
Created by pixiefae

That's What That Smell Was?

oh god why parents Rage Comics - 5903357952
Created by rinosaurous

Every. Single. Time.

chores mom parents - 7292799488
Created by QueenofLizards

New Plan: Give Me Your Credit Card

computer parents Rage Comics technologically impaired - 5296063488
Created by fullscratch

When Your Computer Trolls You

trolling computer parents - 8414870784
Created by Awesomedereklopez

Dad, Why Are You So Mean?

rage toys gift parents - 6525537536
Created by Unknown

How Should I Know?!

friends parents Rage Comics - 5448826880
Created by kgsparrow524

They'd be Very Proud

batman fu guy parents Rage Comics - 6148384768
Created by fox1363

Freakin' Parents

homework im-watching-you parents - 6122091264
Created by Vecch
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