Rage Comics


When Your Parents Don't Buy You Crayola

school crayons parents sadness - 8465104128
By hamman91

Just Let Me Sleep In the Backseat

friends old people parents Rage Comics wtf - 5080786688
By 5o4b0i

They'd be Very Proud

batman fu guy parents Rage Comics - 6148384768
By fox1363

"I Don't Care, Ask Him Anyway!"

Father parents Rage Comics trolls - 4795533568
By Pedrojoca

God Parent Confusion

the godfather parents - 6941070848
By Doctor_Kenroj

At Least The Technique Doesn't Fails

blueberry man failing i lied parents truancy story - 6829800704
By Bowitharrow

Diet Rage!

rage diet trolling food eating parents - 8111752704
By FeatheredRooster


eyes glasses parents Rage Comics ugly world - 4774560512
By Unknown

An Exercise in Cat Sitting

rage Challenge Accepted Cats parents - 8012428288
By Unknown

Snow Days...

school seriously sleep mom snow days parents - 6865117696
By Unknown

Every. Single. Time.

chores mom parents - 7292799488
By QueenofLizards

Seriously Parents

dad mom parents - 7550537472
By aj.mentel

Home Alone

Home Alone parents - 6469729792
By Unknown

So What am I Supposed to Watch?

parents TV table flipping The Walking Dead - 8133081856
By Unknown

Hunger or Awkwardness?

hunger Awkward fighting parents - 7155215360
By Unknown

This Happens a Lot

Challenge Accepted Close Enough cookies mom parents - 6880988160
By Unknown
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