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Wow, So Creative!

parents - 8156558592
Created by Oscaror

At Least The Technique Doesn't Fails

blueberry man failing i lied parents truancy story - 6829800704
Created by Bowitharrow

Do You Want Some Ice For That BURN!

trollface burn parents - 8312633856
Created by UberSmurf

When Parents Call You

stairs parents rage - 8222385920
Created by Unknown

I Asked to Help!

chores mom parents - 7168451072
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Hope He Is a Pretty One

boyfriend gay girl parents Rage Comics - 4778616064
Created by koenma31

So Articulate

FAIL good morning parents expectation vs. reality - 8075391232
Created by Unknown

Teacher Meeting with parents

meeting teacher late parents - 8586351616
Created by Unknown

When Parents Do This

radio singing song fireworks no derp parents - 6755212288
Created by Unknown

Christmas Through the Ages

christmas kids no parents - 7959558656
Created by SirPufferstien1

I Was Never Good at Tetris...

dad tetris parents - 7613539072
Created by Oozaru

Good Night...Forever!

bedtime parents - 7936073216
Created by Squidkid915

I Knew She Liked It Rough, but This is Too Much

parents raisin horror video games - 6683232768
Created by CupidStunt

Parents' support

bicycle school parents - 8536987392
Created by Marlou

Gosh Darnit, Mom!

no mom parents - 6877534464
Created by Unknown

Karma Called

Awkward parents phone calls Rage Comics - 5439870208
Created by Unknown