Rage Comics


Dad, Why Are You So Mean?

rage toys gift parents - 6525537536
Created by Unknown

So What am I Supposed to Watch?

parents TV table flipping The Walking Dead - 8133081856
Created by Unknown

Staying Home Alone

Home Alone peeing parents - 8377047808

So Articulate

FAIL good morning parents expectation vs. reality - 8075391232
Created by Unknown

This Happens a Lot

Challenge Accepted Close Enough cookies mom parents - 6880988160
Created by Unknown

Velcro Rage

shoes parents - 8025708800
Created by Unknown


end of the world parents Rage Comics silence waking up - 4694772480
Created by Pawleena

Well, This Is Awkward

gross Awkward poker face parents - 6749171712
Created by cabowabo155

When Parents Call You

stairs parents rage - 8222385920
Created by Unknown

Freakin' Parents

homework im-watching-you parents - 6122091264
Created by Vecch

Something Seems Off Here

its a trap childhood parents - 7983195392
Created by Drindon

Parents and Computers Don't Mix

are you kidding me technology google chrome moms parents - 6726984960
Created by Unknown

Hope He Is a Pretty One

boyfriend gay girl parents Rage Comics - 4778616064
Created by koenma31

Oh God Why...

homework sexytimes sleeping parents - 7164160000
Created by p0tluck

At Least The Technique Doesn't Fails

blueberry man failing i lied parents truancy story - 6829800704
Created by Bowitharrow

Moms and Technology Don't Mix

computers technology moms parents - 7318389760
Created by Unknown