Rage Comics

oh god why

My Entire Childhood!

embarrassing memory oh god why Rage Comics - 6040559360
Created by jose2480

I Bet Your New Girl Wants to See Pics!

challenge considered lol oh god why Rage Comics - 6393326336

Overnight Relief

oh god why - 7168479744
Created by ellyn9393

Mom Rage

Challenge Accepted poker face not bad bad poker face oh god why feel like a ninja mom - 6835261952
Created by rayraykm

Way Worse Than the Friendzone

forever alone friendzone relationships oh god why dating - 7777283328

So Many Things to Memorize...

school table flip oh god why science DNA biology derp - 6783593728

Let's Skip to the Important Part

homework school oh god why funny truancy story - 7535005696

Beijing Bids Again

mother of god olympics oh god why - 7889960192
Created by Lightson

You Mean That's Not How It's Pronounced?

nothing to do here oh god why Pronunciation truancy story - 6526062848

First Time Embarassment

urinal bathroom oh god why toilet - 7461409024
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Sometimes When a Doggy and His Master Love Eachother

humping oh god why pets Rage Comics - 6361229824

Perhaps I Should Have Thought This Through

towels oh god why - 7840056832
Created by impostergir007

Oh God Why?

kids poker face oh god why - 6533025792

What About These Ones in the Black and Gold?

condoms oh god why Rage Comics shopping - 6447859200
Created by HertzHetfield

Where Did I Even Learn That Word?

oh god why true story - 6542956288

Nose Picking Fail

all the things boogers nose picking oh god why - 7983538176