Rage Comics

oh god why

Mail Fail

neighbors package all the things oh god why mail - 8399514112
By death_by_rage

Overnight Relief

oh god why - 7168479744
By ellyn9393

Oh the Hunger Games? Want a Sandwich?

hunger games mom oh god why poker face Rage Comics - 6040713472
By jeebzpb

Silent Pain

chips pain oh god why - 8438805248
By Kittehlolzrfun


computer guy friend request oh god why - 7907810816
By Squidkid915

Football Rage

sports oh god why football - 7381490688
By Unknown

At Least I Didn't Try to Show You Mine

oh god why p3n0r Rage Comics - 6237075968
By Unknown

Stupid Weather

weather oh god why vacation - 8218756096
By Unknown

XBone E3 Price

Awkward facepalm poker face e3 herpderp bad poker face oh god why xbone xbox one - 7558199552
By ChemicalTaint

I Take it Back!

text oh god why crush - 8257101568
By Unknown

College Men's Room

shower bathroom oh god why college - 8111987712
By Jake

Childhood Mistakes

childhood oh god why poker face tampons - 7912284928
By shane.sheffield.56

I'm so Retarded

soda oh god why raisin horror - 6185855232
By Unknown

A Very Happy Day Indeed

election oh god why Rage Comics that sounds naughty - 6476680192
By TroII1

Jesus My Taste Sucked!

Music ipod oh god why - 7422572288
By burstn2flames

That's the End of That Relationship

relationships bjs oh god why - 7665666560
By Unknown