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oh god why

Watch It, They Said...

miley cyrus oh god why no computer guy - 7763965184

Jesus My Taste Sucked!

Music ipod oh god why - 7422572288
Created by burstn2flames


fnaf oh god why - 8539564800
Created by mrstacocat

First Time Embarassment

urinal bathroom oh god why toilet - 7461409024
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Did I Even Try?

childhood oh god why poetry - 7901510656
Created by ZombieToast902

Rhyming With Derp

oh god why truancy story - 6186314496
Created by lizard3608

Maybe Someday

parenting oh god why - 7947304192

So Many Things to Memorize...

school table flip oh god why science DNA biology derp - 6783593728

Well Done USA, Well Done...

derp oh god why swag - 6628892928

What Have You Become?

noob oh god why idiot - 6592401664
Created by RadioCommander

I Didn't Ask for This...

windows update windows oh god why funny - 7503023616
Created by LimitB

No Shame

lol oh god why fart - 8211006720
Created by tentoes2

Everything Has a Price...

internet oh god why - 8400044800
Created by JoeSnake32

Fifty Shades of Fail

50 shades of grey oh god why parenting - 6517558784
Created by Oubliette

lol stupid dog

bad poker face humping oh god why - 6525488896
Created by Xyhpered

Childhood Mistakes

childhood oh god why poker face tampons - 7912284928
Created by shane.sheffield.56