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oh god why

Oh God, It's on My Face!

faptimes oh god why poker face Rage Comics - 6350673920

Careful What You Read

nothing to do here so close okay guy faith in humanity restored oh god why Okay computer guy - 7755285504
Created by joedarocka

Me on Youtube

oh god why youtube - 7900284160
Created by distinctolive7

College Men's Room

shower bathroom oh god why college - 8111987712
Created by Unknown

School Drama

school oh god why truancy story - 7764805632
Created by Ikabias

This Never Heracrossed My Mind

Pokémon oh god why - 6875174912
Created by Swift-Justice

Seriously Hair?

hair oh god why seriously - 6669841920
Created by TheFatUnicorn

R.I.P. Chilling With My Bro (2010-Today)

bros are you kidding me mother of god relationships oh god why dating - 7047677952

Neutered? Yes...Does He Care? No...

oh god why pets sexytimes - 6594556928

My Weakness!

healthy fitness exercise diets pie oh god why food - 7785798144
Created by paperguy9989

There Are Some Things That Just Shouldn't Be Made

library oh god why 50 shades of grey - 6587929600

I'm Sorry! I Didn't Know!

farts farting bathroom oh god why peeing - 7397698560

Unfortunately, Photographic Evidence Exists

Balloons lol oh god why lol guy - 6507348480
Created by faillover101

And Let the Sea of Tears Begin

kindergarten kids poker face oh god why - 7795866112


oh god why - 7571496192
Created by littlekletty

I Can't Decide Who's Cuter

oh god why Rage Comics hunger games twilight - 6039333120
Created by karate bob