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oh god why

I Was So Stupid

fudge kids memory oh god why - 8411805952
By beefyloser45

Mommy and Daddy's Special Drawer

numb parenting oh god why - 6746490112
By strikeuhpose

I Got My Hopes Up For Nothing

school oh god why Chemistry - 8194806016
By Komega

Baby Got Back

oh god why childhood me gusta dance - 6625240832
By BelleleRelle

I Should Have Just Gone to Bed

oh god why Rage Comics TV - 6290139136
By Unknown

This Never Heracrossed My Mind

Pokémon oh god why - 6875174912
By Swift-Justice

Video Killed the Radio Star Again

radio Music oh god why aww yea - 8435975424
By death_by_rage

A Hairy Situation

school hairy shaving oh god why - 7727152128
By Unknown

Deep in the Pits of My Laptop

making rage comics oh god why funny - 7421112576
By BurgerUchiha

Attempted Saving

all the things oh god why adulthood - 7571352064
By Unknown

Mom Loves Telling This Story

childhood embarrassing lol oh god why - 6532416256
By Unknown


oh god why - 6898269952
By Lacas

Real Smooth

flirting FAIL chick fil-a oh god why - 6538843136
By Unknown

Youthful Errors

nickelback likes oh god why - 7094483456
By Krash1217

A Terrible Mistake

class alphabet teacher oh god why funny truancy story preschool - 6597466112
By Unknown

XBone E3 Price

Awkward facepalm poker face e3 herpderp bad poker face oh god why xbone xbox one - 7558199552
By ChemicalTaint