Rage Comics

oh god why

D is For Diploma

studying school oh god why test - 8371325440
By Unknown


computer guy friend request oh god why - 7907810816
By Squidkid915

What You Get for Getting Up Early

bathroom oh god why splash - 6616845056
By Unknown

Mail Fail

neighbors package all the things oh god why mail - 8399514112
By death_by_rage

Nilla Wowfer

WoW oh god why - 7139908608
By GumboWasHere

The Bitstripocalypse

facebook nothing to do here oh god why bitstrips - 7908493312
By Unknown

Rhyming With Derp

oh god why truancy story - 6186314496
By lizard3608

Where Did I Even Learn That Word?

oh god why true story - 6542956288
By Unknown

I'm so Retarded

soda oh god why raisin horror - 6185855232
By Unknown

Hard Will Always Be Hard

difficulty oh god why video games - 8186376192
By Escape_The_LoL

R.I.P. Chilling With My Bro (2010-Today)

bros are you kidding me mother of god relationships oh god why dating - 7047677952
By Unknown

I Just Wanted to Get Warmer!

memory kids brother shower oh god why peeing - 8427484416
By Unknown

Overnight Relief

oh god why - 7168479744
By ellyn9393

What Are These Little Bumps?

everything went better than expected oh god why Rage Comics shaving - 6108160768
By Unknown

If You Know What I Didn't Mean to Imply

derp oh god why Rage Comics that sounds naughty - 6392359936
By Brady Murillo

It Tasted Pretty Good

poker face oh god why soda - 6644661760
By Unknown
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