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oh god why

Damn Unhygienic Kids!

kids pee oh god why - 7801147648
Created by bulbasir

My Weakness!

healthy fitness exercise diets pie oh god why food - 7785798144
Created by paperguy9989

I Need an Adult...

babysitting kids oh god why - 7898043392

Mum Calls

parenting oh god why mom - 6162257920

Nilla Wowfer

WoW oh god why - 7139908608
Created by GumboWasHere

You Raised Me Right

oh god why parenting Rage Comics truancy story - 6227321088
Created by SeanLolz

Why, Childhood Me, Why?

oh god why poker face - 7896772608

Worse Than Expected

school kids growing up oh god why - 8424441344
Created by PineappleBlend

There's a Hipster in All of Us...

oh god why Rage Comics - 6299846912
Created by rosster


growing up oh god why - 8451718656
Created by death_by_rage

Oh How Wrong I Was

snow day snow oh god why winter - 7101703168
Via jen_wexxx


bicycle nothing to do here lol oh god why bike - 8185211648
Created by K16

Well Done USA, Well Done...

derp oh god why swag - 6628892928

D is For Diploma

studying school oh god why test - 8371325440

You're a Big Boy, Aren't Ya?

oh god why Rage Comics that looks naughty - 6472589568
Created by Bethanypie1

Why I Don't Let People Use My Bathroom

hair shower oh god why - 6525703424
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