Rage Comics


Just One of Those Days

earbuds derp loading - 8009701632
By Unknown

Camera Logic

raisin rage camera derp - 6911424512
By daniel1313

Hopes of a Million Dollar Performance Career, Dashed

derp me gusta Okay - 6614650112
By yumTako

Going Commando

true story lol oh god why derp underwear - 6729668864
By barry50000

Every Time ...

derp nothing to do here - 6594353408
By gacite

Of All the Things You Could Have Asked...

swag derp - 7871622144
By cloudygabby

I Park on the Street for This?

derp relationships building - 6652312576
By llucy4

Try the Wiper Fluid

explosion driving windshield sneeze derp omg - 6814069760
By Novem_Vulpes

I Believe Derp Is Quite Correct on That One

phone ring dumb derpette derp - 6725611776
By skulltron300

Y U No More Mysterious?

table flip derp - 6703646208
By Unknown

Not as Dull as a Rock

derp mother of god Rage Comics - 6489609216
By Meowth8

Yeah, Want Some Fresh Squeezed?

derp sir lol Rage Comics - 6154829056
By Unknown

Just Once?

customers derp gay Rage Comics - 4707234816
By Unknown

My First Time Ordering Food Alone

derp fast food first time McDonald's - 8170185728
By BenjingtonRilliomeKrafterScotters3rdMarigno

ID Fail

camera derp - 6525136896
By Unknown

Bladder Rage

Y U NO pee bladder sweet jesus true story bathroom FUUUUU derp - 6820512000
By Unknown