Rage Comics


Yeah, Want Some Fresh Squeezed?

derp sir lol Rage Comics - 6154829056
By Unknown

Just One of Those Days

earbuds derp loading - 8009701632
By Unknown

It's Facebook Time!

derp dumb - 6616571136
By jtcaseley1

I Hate ATMs

money derp are you kidding me raisin rage - 6684183040
By Unknown

You Can't Fix Stupidity

are you kidding me apocalypse derp - 6909538048
By slipfill

At Least It Won't Be Watery

derp ketchup Rage Comics - 5982769664
By HappyCamper12345

Bladder Rage

Y U NO pee bladder sweet jesus true story bathroom FUUUUU derp - 6820512000
By Unknown

When Parents Do This

radio singing song fireworks no derp parents - 6755212288
By Unknown

Then Why is It so Squishy Around You?

are you kidding me boners derp dumb Rage Comics - 6332094208
By Saberman92

Y U No More Mysterious?

table flip derp - 6703646208
By Unknown


derp FAIL photos Rage Comics - 5247974912
By Unknown

Salad Rage

customer service poker face derp - 6683228416
By VendorOfShame

Words With Dafuq

smartphone dafuq Okay derp - 6820271104

And Here I Thought I'd Be Wiping Myself With Twenties

college derp high school milk money Rage Comics - 5103173888
By Unknown

But Really, What Are You?

derp Rage Comics trees wtf - 6440776192
By Unknown

I Think I Blinked

are you kidding me derp Rage Comics school pictures - 6507503104
By Unknown