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Do You Have a Headache? Anything?

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Jurrn Herpcock

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Twinevitable Betrayal

challenge considered derp true story twins - 6611086592
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Yeah, Want Some Fresh Squeezed?

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Created by Unknown

Yes, Today is Måndag

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Created by Butchess

I Park on the Street for This?

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Created by llucy4

Stand Together!

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Created by Unknown

Well, Can You?

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Created by BruteRabbit

Of All the Things You Could Have Asked...

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Created by cloudygabby

I Don't Want You Ruining Mine

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Created by Unknown

Truly Hot Sauce

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It's an X....

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Created by KineAvai

I Hate ATMs

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Created by Unknown

The Itis is spreading

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Created by mychemfan317

It's My Birthright!

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