Rage Comics


Yes, Today is Måndag

derp ikea Rage Comics - 6425364736
Created by Butchess

Going Commando

true story lol oh god why derp underwear - 6729668864
Created by barry50000

I Can Fly!

spinning derp - 6760146432
Created by Unknown

Me No Speaky the English

Close Enough derp poker face - 6533667072
Created by WexemLol

Well, Can You?

derp hair Rage Comics wtf - 6371191296
Created by BruteRabbit

I Can't Believe It's Not Better

butter derp picard facepalm Rage Comics - 6100283392
Created by RivDAX

Words With Dafuq

smartphone dafuq Okay derp - 6820271104

The Itis is spreading

twilight makeup derp - 6678172928
Created by mychemfan317

Someone Could Have Died Because of You

derp Rage Comics table flip - 6205942784
Created by Unknown


wii U poker face video games derp - 6792293120
Created by Unknown

When Parents Do This

radio singing song fireworks no derp parents - 6755212288
Created by Unknown

The Cashier Didn't Even Smile At Me!

derp McDonald's poker face Rage Comics - 6058535168
Created by Kenji-23

But Really, What Are You?

derp Rage Comics trees wtf - 6440776192
Created by Unknown

Hopes of a Million Dollar Performance Career, Dashed

derp me gusta Okay - 6614650112
Created by yumTako

Salad Rage

customer service poker face derp - 6683228416
Created by VendorOfShame

Think Before You Speak

dat ass derp fu guy yes YES. - 6615862272
Created by Unknown