Rage Comics


I Can't Win With You!

derp picard facepalm Rage Comics you dont say - 6225368320
Created by Unknown

If You Know What I Didn't Mean to Imply

derp oh god why Rage Comics that sounds naughty - 6392359936
Created by Brady Murillo

Derp vs. Derpina

derpina derp smile - 8556733184
Created by DivFriv

Oh the Disappointment...

disappointment dictionary Okay derp - 7768013056
Created by Unknown

Oh Lord Help

derp me gusta wtf - 6562048256
Created by Wheatley4269

At Least It Won't Be Watery

derp ketchup Rage Comics - 5982769664
Created by HappyCamper12345

You Might Want to Get Your Lips, Too

derp pen Rage Comics sharpie truancy story - 6479951104
Created by Xyhpered

Every Rage Comic Ever

meta derp computer guy Rage Comics - 8542244864
Created by death_by_rage

Don't Be a Loiterbug

derp Rage Comics - 6461265664
Created by Unknown

The Cashier Didn't Even Smile At Me!

derp McDonald's poker face Rage Comics - 6058535168
Created by Kenji-23

Processing... Please Wait...

derp - 7116492288
Created by Unknown

Still Waiting on That Program to Close

computers derp Rage Comics shut down skype - 6284538624
Via hiiammaddie


derp Rage Comics Spider-Man - 4926129920
Created by Unknown

ID Fail

camera derp - 6525136896
Created by Unknown

But the Next One Isn't for MILES!

derp food parenting - 6511921920
Created by bender.christian

Well Done USA, Well Done...

derp oh god why swag - 6628892928
Created by Unknown