Rage Comics


A Penny for Your Pocket?

picard facepalm derp - 6706445056
By Unknown

Battlefield 1942

derp picard facepalm video games poker face - 6698517760
By Unknown

Really, Brain?

derp - 6537612288
By Unknown

Why Don't They Dig My Good Looks?

derp faces forever alone mirror Rage Comics - 5537167616
By Armpitsniffer

I Don't Want to Anymore

ipod tangled bored headphones derp omg - 6725062144
By Unknown

At Least It Won't Be Watery

derp ketchup Rage Comics - 5982769664
By HappyCamper12345

I've Got It...

yao face shopping derp - 6827799552
By MeHmE1

Doesn't Matter, at the Beach

beach derp expectations vs reality oh god why Rage Comics running - 5737972992
By geeinglat

The Itis is spreading

twilight makeup derp - 6678172928
By mychemfan317

It's a Pencil, NOT a Chisel!

pencil numb raisin horror derp - 6720945920
By Animators-Voice

Oh Lord Help

derp me gusta wtf - 6562048256
By Wheatley4269

I Think I Blinked

are you kidding me derp Rage Comics school pictures - 6507503104
By Unknown

Yeah, Want Some Fresh Squeezed?

derp sir lol Rage Comics - 6154829056
By Unknown

Processing... Please Wait...

derp - 7116492288
By Unknown

I Love Greek Fashion

derp math oh god why truancy story - 6534664448
By Unknown

Power Outage Follies

derp are you kidding me customer service - 6649348096
By f4-wulfhoud